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Name Vystholm
Class Ark Ship
Owner Cenek Strajk / Jindoiska Poskapat / The Council of Five
Constructed 2318
Flag Vystholmflag.png

Vystholm, to most, is a lost piece of humanity's more xenophobic roots. Having departed Sol in 2346, the large ark ship constructed by Stanislava Dalibor had been content to sit outside galactic plane in response to the First Contact Policy's abolition. Originally believed to be drifting, it returned back to known space in 2570 and established its first contact with the Eutopian Foreign Relations Board. A year later they established their presence as organized raiders with an attack on Viola and have been a threat to vessels since.

It should be noted that information about Vystholm and its infrastructure is not well known, and player characters should not have open allegiances or affiliations. Escapees, asylum seekers, and infiltrators are allowed. Characters from Vystholm are still subject to rules on character conduct.


Vystholm, being heavily isolated prior to its return, focuses on recycling to the extreme. Supplies are limited and rationed, with clear bias towards the comfort of higher authorities.

Water supplies are maintained through waste recycling and ice harvesting from comets the ship would mine hollow. Food variety is low and nutrition focused, maintained by the labor force's elaborate aeroponic systems. The higher class citizens adhere to a less utilitarian approach to their diet, but the working class is not left to starve.

Oxygen systems are recycled through a mix of careful maintenance of plants in the aeroponic sectors and electrolysis of water.

Not even the dead are left free from this recycle-heavy society. Corpses are taken apart and broken down into biomass with no ceremony, with organs being used for transplants and chemical extraction.

With care and strict focus on recycling and distribution by the dictatorship, Vystholm has cultivated an environment capable of sustaining itself with no outside trade.

Most of their engines are of older design and run on fission-based reactors, making uranium a common target for Vystholm raiders.


With a population in the tens of thousands in the ark ships proper, citizenship is exclusively human. The only exception to this humanity-only society are positronics, who are denied any sense of legal personhood and are -- essentially -- slaves. As far as Vystholm is concerned, positronics are simply more efficient drones.

The size of their population, while not necessarily wholly intimidating, has become a notable threat to the less populated and protected regions of space, particularly the Bowl and the fringes of the Pearlshield Coalition.


A fascist dictatorship to the extreme, the ark ship is under the command of the "Veduci", or "head", a title currently held by Cenek Strajk. Right hand to the Veduci is the "Pravica", assisting in the management of the militaristic operations of the fleet, a title currently held by Jindoiska Poskapat.

Beneath this dictatorship is the Council of Five, members of which are titled "Radkyna". Currently, this council consists of Mechovat Zurviost, Dhani Dhebar, Song Akara, Karmen Nunez, and Jyoti Chetti.

Founded by Stanislava Dalibor, the dictatorship has consisted entirely of her descendents.

Relationship with SolGov

Relations with SolGov are entirely hostile. Vystholm's entire society revolves around xenophobia, a hatred fueling its entire purpose. The authority of Vystholm is dedicated to this line of thought, though the labor class follows largely in sheer brainwashed fear. Those that do succeed in escaping have a long struggle ahead of them to unlearn this mindset and move past unfounded fears towards long-since accepted members of the galactic community.

The governing body itself poses a notable threat to the fringe spaces that struggle against them. SolGov attempts to keep tabs on the ark ship, though this information is generally kept classified and -- since the strain of the Incursion -- considered a lower priority.

There are information leaks and rumors about Vystholm that suggest they have developed augments and technology amounting to "super soldiers", a heavy violation of points 4 and 5 of SolGov's Five Points, though these are not considered to be as advanced as those encountered in the Almach War.

Any attempts to leave or enter the ark ship's citizenship have been met with a very lethal response. Population is entirely self-sustained, and outsiders were previously unwelcomed. Since their reentry into known space they have actively recruited in the isolated reaches of the Bowl, as well as finding equally detestable allies in Eutopia.

Notable Ships

VHS Rodnakya

The ark ship itself, the VHS Rodnakya -- or "Vystholm Humanitarian Ship" -- is the heart of Vystholm. Capable of docking the three bombardment ships and the 12-20 screening ships at its disposal, the structure only grows in size. Outside of transit, these various ships undock and move independent of the ark ship.

The VHS Rodnakya uses rotational gravity, as its design predates the NanoTrasen founded gravity systems in 2397. The rest of its more modern fleet appears to utilize this form of gravity, however, and the technology is likely stolen rather than self-discovered.

The ship's original purpose was to affix the fore of the ship to the exoplanar asteroids, allowing for mining operations to hollow the debris out entirely. New ships were constructed inside the asteroid, adding to the fleet regularly. This practice has become less relevant since their return to the galactic plane.

VHS Skvelsyn

The first bombardment ship to join Vystholm, the VHS Skvelsyn is somewhat older in design. With its blueprints dating as far back as 2320, it has struggled with implementation of newer technology. Gravity generators are less reliable.

VHS Statodcera

The second bombardment ship to be constructed, the VHS Statodcera was constructed after the departure from the galactic plane. It is the first implementation of stolen NanoTrasen-style gravity generators.

VHS Pozehnduci

The third and most recent bombardment ship, the VHS Pozehnduci is the most technologically advanced of the three.


2278: Stanislava Dalibor, a 36 year old daughter of a wealthy business tycoon, begins production of an ark ship with intentions for a self-sustaining exploration fleet to expand humanity's influence. Her following, under the name of the Vystholm Expeditionaries, hold the belief that potential xeno races are a danger to humanity, and the ship's design focuses heavily on more militaristic utilities.

2281: The first positronic brain is developed. Dalibor rallies Icarus Front extremists in protests against their creation, citing Humanity's interest against carelessly "toying" with poorly understood alien technology.

2295: Dalibor gains enough of a cult following to receive many donations from wealthy supporters, doubling the production rate of her ark ship.

2312: The green panic begins after discovery of potential intelligent alien life. Vystholm's popularity grows, alongside support for the still unnamed vessel.

2318: Dalibor's ark ship sees completion after 40 years. Expansion continues, but the ark ship itself is officially space-worthy, habitable, and fairly self-sustaining. It is named Rodnakya.

2320: The First Contact Policy is passed, with support of Vystholm.

2326: First contact with the Skrell occurs. Panic is at its highest, causing Vystholm to surge with supporters. The ark ship reaches its full capacity.

2328: The First Contact Policy is abolished. Vystholm grows extremely agitated with SolGov and the Rodnakya prepares to depart Sol space.

2340: The Rodnakya departs, leaving the galactic plane entirely into an exoplanar expedition. No further open contact is had with Sol or its citizens.

2510-2520: Vystholm begins embarking on its return to the galactic plane.

2566: Largely left unimpacted by the Incursion aside from slowing travel, Vystholm's encounters with skathari are limited.

2570: Vystholm officials meet with Eutopia's EFRB for a weapons demonstration, establishing friendly terms between the two.

2571: Vystholm makes their presence firmly known with a raid on Viola.

2572: Eutopia welcomes Vystholm's presence at the Reagan Interstellar Spaceport, of which promptly bars the presence of non-humans.

2573: Vystholm's reach steadily spreads throughout the unprotected regions of the Bowl in the form of ship raids and propaganda.

2574: Spread of influence slows significantly once faced with heavier populated systems, generally pressing no further than Stove and Love.

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