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Found in: Bundled with all summon spells for free.
Used for: Removing your summons without needing to kill them.
Strategy: Using this is faster, safer, and uses less energy, verses using offensive spells to kill your own summons. You can also abjurate away other peoples' summons.
  • This spell is bundled with all summon spells spells (e.g. Summon Creature, Summon Automaton, etc) for free.
  • Click the summoned mob to send them back. This effectively removes them from the map, making the summon slots that mob was using be freed.
  • Player-controlled summoned creatures cannot be removed using this spell.
  • This will also work on creatures created through supernatural means, generally where a Cult might be involved.
    • Using this on Cult Constructs will 'purge' them in a similar manner to using the null rod on them.
    • Using this spell on Nar'sie is not recommended.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Stealing items without needing to be nearby, through windows.
Strategy: Can be used to steal weapons that your enemies' dropped after you stunned them, or to steal things from adjacent rooms if you have vision in that room somehow.
  • Click the item you want to tele-steal.
  • Stolen items are placed in the same hand that the spell was in.
  • Objects that are 'anchored' cannot be teleported.
  • Holding a ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif allows for infinite tele-theft range.

Audible Deception
Audible Deception
Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Playing specific sounds at a specific point.
Strategy: Tricking the crew that there's a gunfire or something happening.
  • Use in-hand to select a sound to play.
  • The spell can be dropped, and the selected sound will be remembered for the next time you use this spell.
  • The ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif adds a new sound to the list of options, a very loud airhorn.
    • Anyone within range of the air horn will be deafened, and may be knocked out, if unprotected.
    • This can affect the caster, if unprotected.
    • Earmuffs will protect from the airhorn.
    • The airhorn costs significantly more energy and results in a lot of instability.

Ball Lightning
Ball Lightning
Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Shooting a ball of lightning that bounces off walls.
Strategy: For best results, use in tight quarters so it results in a lot of bounces.
  • Fires a 'ball' of lightning that bounces off of walls.
  • Anyone who touches the ball will receive a shock.
  • Every time the ball hits a wall and bounces, a shock is sent out to anyone within two tiles of the impact.
  • Balls can go through glass without hitting it.
  • After enough bounces, or distance, the ball explodes into a final, stronger zap, and a flash of light.
  • Shocks are weak, but can add up if used in tight spaces like maintenance.
  • If a ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif is held, the ball has a chance to bounce towards a non-allied mob instead of bouncing in the normal way.
  • High shock resist gear is recommended for the caster to avoid killing themselves. Your standard jumpsuit and wizard hat already has respectable shock resistance.


  • Condensation, or otherwise getting your targets soaked in water, will reduce their electrical resistance.
  • Reflect and Shield can protect you from hitting yourself from the ball itself. They can't protect you from the shock from hitting solid objects, however.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Sending people to a very dark place for a few seconds.
Strategy: The banished person has no way of knowing what is happening until they come back.
  • Sends target mob away to a black void for a few seconds.
  • Things in the void cannot see, hear, or otherwise interact with the station.
  • After a short period of time, the mob will be teleported back to where they were standing prior to being banished.
  • Non-Technomancers who were banished will receive a small amount of brain damage.
  • All mobs who got banished will receive a modifier that makes them immune to further banishments for a few minutes.
  • Holding a ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif makes the banish duration longer.

Bind Object
Bind Object
Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Binding one object to your core, then being able to teleport it to you whenever you want.
Strategy: Very useful as insurance against losing something very valuable like your apprentice's core, or your Scepter. It's also amazing for screwing with the crew.
  • Click on an adjacent object that is not anchored to bind it to your core.
    • If you already have a bound item, a confirmation prompt appears. If you select yes, it will replace which item you will be able to teleport back.
  • Use in-hand to teleport the bound object to yourself, if you have one marked.
    • If possible, you will pick up the object you stole in the same hand as the spell. This won't occur for things which can't be held, like crates.
    • Teleporting an object to yourself while holding a ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif, and if the object is inside a container, the whole container, along with its contents, will also be teleported to you if possible.
      • Containers that contain the container holding your bound object are also brought along. If your bound object is a pen inside a PDA, that's in an internal box, that's in a bag, and is finally inside a closet, then the closet and all of it's contents is teleported to you.
      • Mobs will not be teleported, however if they were wearing a container, the container will vanish. This can include jumpsuits if webbing was involved.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Teleporting objects, other people, or yourself to a nearby random tile.
Strategy: Blinking other people briefly confuses them. This is very effective if they're chasing after you, when near a lot of walls.
  • Forces a clicked object or mob to teleport to a random tile nearby.
  • Anchored things cannot be blinked.
  • Blinking something in melee range increases the potential distance of the blink.
  • Self blinking increases the range even more, and is also cheaper.
  • Mobs who are blinked will be confused for about a second.
    • Self blinking will not confuse the caster.
  • Both the Scepter Technomancer scepter.gif and additional Spell Power makes potential blink distance increase.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Making the floor glow for a few minutes.
Strategy: Making a lot of purple somewhere can scare people into thinking that they'll get instability if they get close.
  • Use in-hand to select a specific color. This color is saved and will be remembered if the spell is dropped and reacquired.
  • Holding the spell will make you glow in the chosen color.
  • Clicking on the floor will cause it to glow in the chosen color for a few minutes.

Circle of Combat
Circle of Combat
Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Cutting off escape from your enemies.
Strategy: You can use this spell both offensively and defensively.
  • Makes a circular wall around the caster.
    • The circle walls block movement and projectiles, but can be broken in a few hits regardless of damage.
    • The walls last for ten seconds.
  • Using it on a target centers the circle on the mob clicked, while using it inhand centers it on the caster. Clicking a tile will try to make the spell target the closest non-allied mob to where the click happened.
  • Mobs intersecting the circle on creation will be nudged out if possible. Otherwise they will be nudged in, if that is possible.
  • While standing inside the Circle, the Technomancer and allies receive a combat buff aura.
  • If holding a ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif, and the spell is casted on a specific mob, all other non-allied mobs are blinked outside.


  • It has a longer than average cooldown, so try to avoid wasting casts if possible.
  • This spell can be used defensively by casting it far enough away so that you are outside the circle, but still trapping your enemies inside.
  • You can use Passwall on these walls as well, if you need to escape the circle quickly.
  • This spell can be useful for summoners, as summons will also receive the combat buff if they're inside the circle.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Turning the floor slippery wet.
Strategy: Slipping people chasing after you. Frost and Shock functions are also stronger if the victim is wet, or they are standing on wet floors.
  • Clicking on a floor will cause the floor and all adjacent floor tiles to become wet, if nothing is in the way. This also extinguishes fires.
    • This essentially makes a 3x3 square become slippery, with the center being the tile clicked on.
  • People standing close enough to the clicked tile will be hit with a spray of water, in the same manner as if a fire extinguisher was used.
    • This makes them temporarily more resistant to fire and heat, less resistant to electricity, and less resistant to the cold.
    • Prometheans will receive minor harm.
  • If a ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif is held when clicking a floor tile, several clouds of mist are released in addition to splashing water on the ground.
    • Clouds of mist are similar to smoke clouds, however anyone touching the mist cloud will have water applied to them. Clouds of mist also do not block vision.
  • Clicking on a fluid container, such as a beaker, will fill it with water.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Micro-managing your army of creatures.
Strategy: Buy at least one summon spell so you can make your own army.
  • This spell is likely one of the most complicated spells available in terms of contextual clicking.
  • When clicking on a mob:
    • If the entity is not a player, and if the entity is an animal or simple robot, clicking on them will select them.
      • Selected mobs will have a green web-like effect over them. They will also not be able to make most decisions themselves. This makes that mob selected.
      • Selected mobs won't initiate any conflicts, but they will still fight back if attacked by something else.
      • Selected mobs will stay selected even if the spell is dropped.
    • If they are already selected, clicking again will deselect them, reverting what selecting does.
    • If instead they are not de/selectable, but are allied to the Technomancer, all selected mobs will follow them harmlessly.
    • Otherwise, clicking on them will order any selected mobs to attack the clicked on mob.
  • Clicking onto the floor will make all selected mobs move towards the tile clicked.
  • Clicking onto a solid wall will make all selected mobs attempt to attack the wall clicked on.
  • Clicking on an object, like windows, will make all selected mobs attempt to attack the object clicked on.
  • Using the spell in-hand will toggle whether or not selected mobs are allowed to attack things on their own.
  • Using a ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif in-hand with this spell will teleport all selected mobs to you, one at a time. Each teleport has a short delay, and has a small cost in energy and instability.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Removing buffs, debuffs, and things causing an area of effect early.
Strategy: Having high instability can give nasty debuffs, which this spell can remove instantly.
  • Removes most Technomancer-related buffs and debuffs from mobs within a 3x3 area of the tile clicked.
    • All Technomancer status effects are removed, even beneficial ones.
  • Also removes various objects which do something in an area of effect, such as Fire Blast, Destabilize, or Pulsar.

Energy Siphon
Energy Siphon
Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Transferring energy between things.
Strategy: Useful for quickly recharging your core, or a favored energy weapon.
  • Click on something to attempt to drain energy from it, and into your core's energy reserves. Clicking on anything else afterwards will cancel the beam.
    • Can drain from or give to objects like SMES units, APCs, exposed cabling, or power cells.
      • Certain power related machinery like APCs are incapable of receiving energy. The beam is canceled if that is the case.
    • Can drain from or give to mobs if they also have a core, or are a FBP.
      • Cores are prioritized, if the mob has one.
    • If your core is full, and you are an FBP, the surplus energy can be used to recharge yourself.
  • The beam will zap anyone who touches it for minor amounts of shock damage.
    • The caster, and the target cannot touch it, as it moves with them. Anyone inbetween those two can potentially touch the beam, however.
  • The beam costs a small amount of energy to maintain, so transfers are not 100% efficient.
  • If no energy is able to be gained, the beam is automatically canceled.
  • Use the spell in-hand to toggle between draining energy and giving it.


  • It is suggested to acquire this spell, or a similar energy-generating one if you are using specific cores with poor energy regeneration.
  • This can be used in a supportive fashion by recharging fellow Technomancers' cores, using your own energy, which you can get back by draining the station's electricity.
  • Things that contain power cells, like energy weapons, can be recharged with this spell if set to 'give' mode.

Flame Tongue
Flame Tongue
Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Lighting people next to you on fire, then spreading that fire to anyone near them.
Strategy: Repeated casts add more fire onto the target, as each cast makes its own instance of fire.
  • Click on a mob adjacent to you to make them combust into flames.
  • Further clicks on them will create a burst of flame to erupt around the mob, igniting other nearby mobs, and applying an additional stack of fire on the primary target.
    • You and your allies are protected from the burst.
  • Clothing that protects from high temperature, like firesuits and atmos' voidsuits, will make the wearer immune to this spell.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Asking the Almighty RNG to give you a useful spell you don't already own.
Strategy: The spell has a longer than average cooldown, so it's best to use between fights and not in the middle of one.
  • Clicking the HUD button immediately gives you a random spell in your active hand.
    • The spell you get can include spells you don't already own.
  • This costs a small amount of energy and instability.
  • Gambit has a larger than average cooldown.

Found in: Purchased in the Catalog.
Used for: Tricking the crew. Making objects appear to talk. Trolling.
Strategy: Security might waste a few shots against an illusion of yourself or a monster.
  • The spell's sound effects are only audible to yourself.
  • Illusions created, and things copied, will persist beyond the spell being dropped.
  • Only one illusion per Technomancer can exist.
  • While not having an illusion out:
    • Click on any object or mob to store a 'copy' of that thing.
    • Click on the floor to create an illusion of the thing you're copying there. If you didn't select an object previously, it will default to copying yourself.
      • The appearance of the illusion is determined at the time of it being created. If the thing being copied changes its appearance, the illusion will NOT update.
  • While having an illusion:
    • Clicking on the floor will order the illusion to walk there. It will try to walk in a way that mimics how players walk (no diagonal movement, for example).
    • Clicking on the illusion will remove the illusion.
  • Using the spell in-hand presents you, if you have an illusion, with three options:
    • Making the illusion say something.
    • Having the illusion emote something (the same kind as the 'me' command).
    • Dismissing the illusion, as if you clicked on it, but from anywhere.
  • Holding a ScepterTechnomancer scepter.gif makes the illusion be made from hard light, meaning they can potentially intercept projectiles, which can make them more convincing from a distance while getting shot at.