Staff Roles

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Staff Roles

Below is a list of all existing staff roles written in no particular order. The purpose of this page is to define each role within the staff and the duties associated with said roles.

Head Administrator

The duty of the head administrator is to the server and all things related to it. The primary means of accomplishing this is through the distribution of power via the creation and appointment to staff roles. If required, the head administrator can intervene in any issue related to the server. In an ideal situation however, such interventions will be a rare occurrence with the head administrator's judgment being used to determine where, when, and how they’ll intervene. This will usually only occure after consultation with other staff.

Rule Enforcement


Administrators are responsible for the enforcement of rules and conduct among the staff. Though they have all the powers of a moderator, Administrators are also responsible for staff members and their conduct. In the event of a staff complaint, an ideal situation would have an administrator take point on it. They may also have additional duties that allow them to act in the stead of the head administrator such as moderator recruitment and management of staff without official department heads.


Moderators are responsible for the enforcement of rules and player discipline. For everyday conflicts between players, moderators would be the first to take point. Should a complex situation arise, moderators are given the option of using their best judgment or deferring to an admin if one is available. While they can handle staff related ahelps, they may pass it on to an administrator depending on their comfort with handling a staff issue and the complexity of said issue.

Discord Moderator

Discord Moderators are responsible for enforcing discord rules and keeping it civil. Should a non-game related dispute arise on the discord, discord moderators should be the first to respond.

Event Staff

Event Managers

Event Managers are responsible for preparing and hosting events. Typically, they are required to host one event every two months in order to keep their role. Alternatively, they may host several smaller impromptu events over the course of two months and still retain their role.

Development Staff


Developers are responsible for reviewing and merging pull requests. Should a pull have poor code quality or violate our server or github policies, the pull may be rejected on the spot. For all other circumstances, the pull should be discussed either at a meeting or with senior staff depending on the complexity of the pull.

Sprite Developer

Sprite Developers are responsible for assisting developers through the creation of sprites for their pulls. They also have a secondary duty in regards to current sprites, changing or updating them as needed. While small changes are usually fine to merge as is, major reworks should be shown and discussed at staff meetings. Unlike Developers, sprite developers are not obligated to review pull requests.

Lore Staff

Lore Head

The lore head is responsible for overseeing lore staff. While sharing the duties of regular lore staff, their duties also extend to recruitment and quality control. Though they are responsible for the lore overall, any major changes or events should still be brought to staff meetings.

Lore Staff

Lore staff are responsible for creating and overseeing the in game lore. They are also responsible for answering any lore questions and assisting players as necessary with creating lore compliant characters and backstories. In the event of a lore issue arising on the server, lore staff can and should be consulted, depending on the complexity of the issue.

White List Managers

Whitelist managers are responsible for administrating and overseeing their specific white lists. They are also responsible for the lore of their specified species and ensuring whitelisted players are abiding by the lore.