Spacer Fleet

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Name Zaddat Spacer Fleet
Class Flotilla / ~500 ships
Owner Zaddat Spacer Guild, Engineer Guild, Others / The Moghes Hegemony
Constructed 2380 -

The Zaddat Spacer Fleet is home to nearly every Zaddat outside of their homeworld of Xohox. A ramshackle affair composed of converted freighters from a dozen species and custom-built arkships, the Spacer Fleet is unusual when compared to flotillas like Shelf or Ue'Orsi because almost every ship is a Colony-- a ship specifically designed to support life. The Fleet lacks for industrial capacity, resource gathering, agriculture, and other accoutrements, relying entirely on trade of skillful labor for the required materials.

The Zaddat Spacer Fleet belongs to the Moghes Hegemony and comes with a handful of Unathi cruisers designated to keeping the peace within the Fleet. Legally, the Colonies are afforded a similar status to the Moghes embassies in SolGov space and are forbidden from carrying arms, a restriction that only increases their reliance on the Hegemony.


Colonies are not self-sufficient and facilitate trade through a small fleet of cargo barges and a series of umbilicals capable of transporting entire cargo containers at a time. The Fleet flies far closer together than most flotillas because they contain no millitary elements whatsoever. Ships closer to the interior of the swarm are more important, with the Unathi ships at the very heart.

Internally, most public spaces are kept at exactly 3 bars and feature very low red lighting and an atmosphere of oxygen padded out with noble gasses, theoretically livable by an unsuited Zaddat and by an Unathi or Human visitor. Most Zaddat remain Shrouded just in case, and it is not uncommon for Colonies expecting visitors to lower the pressure. In contrast, private spaces are kept pitch black and heavily oxygenated, allowing for comfortable habitation by unsuited Zaddat.

Most ships are segregated by Guild, though all have a small section, usually at the fore of the ship, in which the Spacer Guild lives and directs the movement of the ship.


Zaddat Colonies are powered using an eclectic variety of power sources, and because of the industriousness of their inhabitants can often run off of several at full capacity. The most common engine designs are believed to be supermatter because of the high rate of supermatter import, and solar panels coat the "top" of the unusually flat Colony ships. Exact information on the power consumption of the Colonies is classified.

Zaddat agriculture is severely lacking, but several high-capacity processors are capable of reducing nearly any plant or animal matter into a Zaddat-digestable nutrient slurry. Zaddat buying food will just as commonly take crates of weeds, leaves, or hair-- and pay better than any habitat in human space.


Upwards of a million Zaddat call the Spacer Fleet home, a significant portion of the race. The only non-Zaddat inhabitants are Unathi and a few dignitaries from other Hegemony races. The Fleet actively discourages human traders from following in their wake because of fears of espionage.

Industry and Economy

Nigh on 80% of the Fleet's interior space is used for habitation, with the remaining portions devoted to imports and ship-to-ship trade. While most guilds maintain a large communal workshop, shipbound heavy industry such as Ue'Orsi's Talum-Qeoka is outside of their reach. Anything requiring large factories is contracted out to a host nation or the Hegemony, including, critically, shipbuilding and ore refining.

To sustain itself, the Fleet takes contract labor with corporations and governments in the region, bartering their highly-skilled workforce away for supermatter, ships, and food. These labor contracts make it extremely expensive for the Fleet to move from system to system without measures in place for their survival at the end destination -- a fact which keeps the Spacers in power.


The Fleet is ruled by the Spacer Guild, who have a monopoly on astronavigation supported by the Moghes Hegemony. Any crew who wish to defect from the Fleet must convince a chapter of the Spacer Guild to support them, and those wishing to defect from the Hegemony entirely must also contend with their Unathi escorts' guns.


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Notable Locations


The "capital" of the Spacer Fleet, home to a variety of incredibly important people and the core of the Fleet. Further information on the venerable ship, a converted 2380 Hegemony Freighter, is classified.


The largest Colony and a stronghold of the Noble Guild. A significant fraction of Zaddat currently alive were born within Vast's crampped, borderline-septic halls, and most left the moment they could. Significant effort has been expended on improving Vast's internal atmosphere, but until the Vast Noble Guild manages to secure a contract with an Engineers' Guild most are glad for their Shrouds.


A large multi-guild Colony, Vital is the hub of the Fleet's internal marketplace, and, consequently, its black market. Drawing influence from the dramatic and sordid displays that unfurl in the crowded markets of Vital every day, the Colony Vital Players have become the preeminent theatrical guild in Zaddat society.


A small multi-guild Colony, notable only for its presence in the Vir system. Bright is significantly under capacity because of the political instability inherent in multi-guild colonies, and because many Zaddat are hesistant to stray too far from the comforting guns of the Unmaker's Fury. Bright's mission in Vir space is the trade of labor for money which will be used by the main fleet in Oasis to construct new Colonies-- the Zaddat have very little interest in Sif because of its relative inhospitality.

Unmaker's Fury

The largest of the Hegemony escort vehicles, the Unmaker's Fury protects First, Vast, Vital, and other high-importance Zaddat installations. Command of the Unmaker's Fury is a highly prestigious position, currently held by Unathi war heroine Siluze Ukloss Iku. While the Fury's armaments are kept just barely within the legal limit for a merchant escort vesel, the presence of Hegemony guns in inner SolGov space is extremely contraversial and sparks inevitable protests when the Escort Fleet enters a system.

Hand of Redemption

A medium-sized Hegemony vessel assigned to protect the Bright Detached Fleet. Commanded by Redeemer Iheraer Saelho, the Hand was involved in a number of boarding actions against pirates who attacked during the Fleet's passage through the Bowl and thus earned the right to operate independently of the Fury.


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