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Sol is the ancestral home of Humanity, and could be considered the diamond in the figurative crown of SolGov. Although nowadays the system is dependent on several neighbouring systems to supply the vast resource requirements of the Sol industrial bloc, the solar system remains the cultural and historical heart of human space, as well as a remembrance of hardship and a document of the splendor humanity can achieve. The seat of SolGov is located within Sol on Luna, all current sovereign states in the system with the exception of a handful of rogue states on Earth are some form of member of the confederation, and the most travelled FTL shipping lanes spread outwards like spokes. Sol is very much the heart of human-settled space, SolGov or otherwise, and is usually the centre-point of any human astronavigational map.

Note that the bodies below are only a handful of the inhabited areas within the Sol system. As the heart of Human space, almost every one of Sol's natural features is inhabited, at least orbitally, in some regard. From the rings of Saturn to the oceans of Neptune, humanity can't resist the urge to take a peek.

Inhabited Planets


Planet Earth.png

The Old World
Human homeworld
Earth is the birthplace of mankind and remains the true heart of economic, cultural, and political influence - the pearl of both the Sol System and humanity as a whole.

Planet Mars.png

The Industrial Powerhouse
Barren terrestrial world
Mars is the metropolitan industrial powerhouse of the Sol System and one of the oldest human colonies. While the red planet itself was never terraformed, human life bustles in the billions in domed cities, underground facilities, and megastructures scraping the sky.

Planet Venus.png

The Breadbasket
Hellish terrestrial world
Venus's surface is a nightmarish hellscape hot enough to melt lead, choked by the horrifying pressure of its thick atmosphere, constantly buffeted by wind, and subject to literal acid rain. But high above, in the stratosphere, temperatures are comparable to Earth's, with strong but not insurmountable winds, and a density still several times greater than that of Earth. Myriad floating aerostat habitats make up the cities of Venus, taking in carbon dioxide and sulfur-rich fertilizer and transforming them into crops for export. For all its hellish landscape, Venus is the breadbasket of Sol.

Planet ish Pluto.jpg

Sol's Breaking Yard
Barren ice world
Once a significant "last stop" refuelling and maintenance check stop for early human colony ships, tiny Pluto has long since declined in significance, though it has become a last stop of a very different kind for many of Sol's venerable spacecraft. Yards on the surface and in orbit of Pluto have employed generations of hard-worn workers, first maintenance technicians, expert engineers, and now primarily shipbreakers. The dwarf planet's population has developed its own distinctive culture, more akin to a rim world than much of the Solar system.

Inhabited Satellites


Planet Luna.png

The Seat of Power
Barren moon
As the birthplace of SolGov from the bones of the Selene Federation, Luna is an important cultural site as well as the capital of the Solar Confederate Government. Most of its industry and agriculture long since superseded by other Inner System worlds, Luna remains a sprawling capital complex of one of the largest empires in space, with the vast majority of its economy servicing politicans, millitary officers, and other high-ranking luminaries.

Planet Titan.png

The Oil Moon
Frozen moon
Titanian culture is focused almost entirely on hydrocarbon extraction, processing, and research, an environment that many young Titanians find stifling, leaving at the same rate that their replacements come in, drawn by the ample (if low paying and menial) work opportunities. Those families who remain intact and set out roots in Titan increasingly find themselves chafed by Titan's status as a one-product settlement, their economic reliance on the rest of Sol for things as basic as iron, and the corruption that festers in Titan's decentralized government.


Gateway To The Gas Giants
Frozen Moon
Callisto is a moon of Jupiter, mostly serving as a waypoint for transport in and out of the inner Solar System.

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