Saint Columbia

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Saint Columbia

System Columbia.png

Human mid-world
49ly from Sol
A precursor to the Golden Hour, the Republic of Saint Columbia was occupied by the SolGov fleet after a failed attempt at secession. This has lead over the centuries to a strange cultural tension; while many Colombians still remember the brutality of the occupation, the system's major feature and economic focus is the Fleet base established to maintain the occupation and later to observe elections and technological development. The secession of the Almach Association brought these tensions to the breaking point-- due to its proximity to the Rim, the Saint Columbia base and shipyard received a massive influx of personnel, material, and media attention. Meanwhile, the natives still harbored strong techno-progressive sentiments, culminating in a Almach-backed coup in November 2562. Subsequently, the civilian population of the Fleet base formed an independent government, and Fleet personnel occupied the capital in March 2563. The Iserlohn weapons platform of the Saint Columbia base is home to the state-of-the-art long-distance beam weapon system MJOLNIR, which has been employed to great effect in the Almach Crisis