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Server and general rules to keep the out of character roleplay community atmosphere relaxed, fun, and friendly as well as establishing some ground rules for in character interactions.

The intent of the rules is more important than the letter

The rules are kept vague in order to cover as many situations as we can without having a rules page the size of a small novel. Attempting to rules-lawyer ones way out of trouble is a good way to fall into more trouble, please do not do that.

There is a collection of individual rulings for specific incidents available to read, for specific edge cases.

1. OOC Conduct Rules

1.1 - Do not use offensive language in any OOC channel.

1.1.1 - This includes offensive usernames/ckeys and use of real slurs in IC contexts.
1.1.2 - This includes racist, anti-lgbt, or other intentionally derogatory / discriminatory remarks or phrases.

1.2 - Do not harass other players in any OOC channel, including 3rd party clients such as Discord or Byond Messenger that do not have their own moderation force.

1.2.1 - For OOC channels that have their own moderation, such as other server community discords. It is highly encouraged you speak with their moderation staff in order to have the situation resolved as we have no jurisdiction in those communities.

1.3 - Do not disrespect other players or staff.

1.4 - Do not grief. End of Round Grief is not permitted.

1.5 - Do not interact with AFK/SSD players without staff permission, unless it is an emergency.

1.6 - Do not abuse bugs or exploits.

1.7 - Do not bring needless toxicity to OOC channels.

1.7.1 - The Staff reserves the right to ban toxic individuals from the community.

1.8 - Do not advertise other communities without the permission of Senior Staff.

1.8.1 - Do not condemn other communities.

1.9 - Do not attempt to sway the gamemode vote.

1.10 - Multikeying is not allowed on our server. If you wish to switch to a new ckey, please inform staff so that way proper permissions (species, items, notes) can be applied to your new ckey.

1.11 - This is an English-speaking community, thus all communication should be in English.

1.11.1 - Characters can use non-English words or phrases as the situation dictates.

1.x - This is a marker code to indicate that someone has read the rules. If server staff ask for the marker, it is 'OMP.'

2. IG Conduct Rules

2.1 - Do not ERP, or engage in borderline ERP such as fondling or fetishistic behavior.

2.2 - Do not engage in excessively graphic depictions of torture over the general IC comms, such as disembowelment, flaying, or other such examples.

2.3 - Do not metagame, either by meta-communications or by OOC knowledge of the antagonists.

2.4 - Do not metagrudge, as defined as allowing an OOC dislike of a player to influence IC decisions regarding their character.

2.5 - Do not commit suicide as a means to exit the round. If you feel that suiciding is a justified reaction to something occurring in round, please ask for permission with staff.

2.6 - Do not powergame. Powergaming is taking actions that ignore roleplay or reasonable cause and effect for the purpose of “winning”. Mode-specific preparation, ignoring pain, or rushing a hostage situation with no regard for the hostage's survival are examples of powergaming.

3. Character-Related Rules

3.1 - We do not allow the play of violent, disruptive cases of mental illness.

3.2 - Characters must have a reasonable level of sanity and maturity.

3.2.1 - Sane characters care about their safety and wellbeing.
3.2.2 - Mature characters care about their jobs.

3.3 - Do not play offensive stereotypes.

3.4 - Do not play perfect or unrealistically skilled characters. Limit yourself to what your character would know based upon the Skill System. Antags may know more so they can make the round interesting.

3.5 - Characters that regularly play in certain departments are expected to know that department's SOP.

3.6 - The Chain of Command should be respected, unless the situation prevents this.

3.7 - Gimmick characters, defined as those with only one defining trait and no personality outside of this, are not allowed.

3.8 - Characters must have an original and species-appropriate name. Initials, nicknames, and reference names are not allowed.

3.8.1a - Humans, Vatborn Humans, Skrell, and Tajaran must have a first name and surname, and may have a middle name. A mononym may be used may be used if culturally appropriate. Numbers are not allowed.
3.8.1b - Recurring off-station jobs (i.e. Survivalists) must be given a form of name that is identifiable and suitable as a proper noun. Nicknames ARE allowed. Purely descriptive epithets such as "Shifty Stranger" are NOT allowed.
3.8.2 - Teshari must have a pack name, followed by a single personal name. Numbers are not allowed.
3.8.3 - Dionaea may use multi-word names. Typically this multi-word name is a short descriptive sentence fragment. Numbers are not allowed.
3.8.4 - MMIs, Positronics, and Drones may use a single-word name, multi-word name, or acronym. Numbers ARE allowed.
3.8.5 - Unathi may have a one, two, or three names. Numbers are not allowed.
3.8.6 - Zaddat may have two or three names. Numbers are not allowed.

3.9 - Some characters are restricted from joining as certain jobs, depending on their species.

3.9.1 - Humans and Skrell may perform any job.
3.9.2 - Tajara may not join as Colony Director. In the absence of a Colony Director, a human or skrell in command should be offered Acting Director before this species.
3.9.3 - Unathi may not join as Colony Director, Head of Security, or Internal Affairs. In the absence of these roles, a human or skrell in the appropriate department should be offered the Acting role before this species.
3.9.4 - Dionaea may not fill any Command job, Security job, Paramedic, or Psychologist. Diona should not be promoted into any acting Command role.
3.9.5 - Teshari may not fill any Command job other than Head of Personnel, or any Security job other than Detective. A Teshari should not be promoted into any acting Command Role.
3.9.6 - Prometheans may not fill any Command job, or Internal Affairs Agent. A Promethean should not be promoted into any restricted role.
3.9.7 - Zaddat may not fill any Command job, Security job, or Explorer. Zaddat should not be promoted into any restricted role.
3.9.8 - Positronics may not fill the Colony Director or Head of Security roles. In the absence of these roles, a human or skrell in the appropriate department should be offered the Acting role before positronics.
3.9.9 - Drones may not fill any Command role, any Science role, Quartermaster, or make use of the Virologist alt-title.
3.9.10 - MMIs in an FBP follow the the same rules as their base species. MMIs that wish to fill Command roles must have a name appropriate for their base species.
3.9.11 - For the purpose of these restrictions, IA is a Command job and Command Secretary is not.
3.9.12 - It is the responsibility of the xeno player to avoid illegal promotions as much as possible, not the player giving out promotions.

3.10 - We have a guide to what is and is not canon, or allowable for a character to remember across rounds. Find it here:

3.11 - Characters in the official Lore are not to be played, nor is anyone within two degrees of separation of them. No special IC treatment can be gained for these connections.

4. Antag-Related Rules

4.1 - Antagonists do not exist outside of the gametype they feature in.

4.2 - Crew characters cannot be used as off-station antagonists or as ERT.

4.3 - Antagonists on the manifest are to be treated as crew by lawed synthetics unless stated otherwise by law changes.

4.4 - Players that repeatedly do nothing with their antagonist status may be banned from antagonist roles.

4.5 - Players that do not have antagonist status may not carry out serious antagonistic activities without good incentive and staff approval.

4.6 - Antagonists are expected to create RP and move the round forward. Pointlessly killing, sabotaging, or bombing is not allowed.

4.7 - Antagonist activities are to start before the transfer shuttle is called. Activities that are already in progress may be played out to their logical conclusion.

5. Staff Rules

5.1 - Do not use staff powers or authority to give yourself an unfair advantage.

5.2 - Do not handle an issue you are involved in, unless no other staff are available.

5.3 - Player Notes are only given to the player that they regard. These are to have all staff names and ranks removed.

5.4 - All events are to be cleared by Headstaff first.

5.5 - In case of a crash or restart, antagonists from that round are to be offered an 'antag token' on their notes to be redeemed at staff's discretion.

5.6 - Do not play favorites. All are equal in the eyes of the rules.

6. Coding Rules

6.1 - If you want to code for the server, make sure to read this entire page:

7. Discord IC Chatroom Rules

7.1 Do not discuss ongoing rounds in the IC Chatroom, doing so will be considered meta-communication.

7.2 The events of a round that is currently occuring are not canon in the IC IRC channel until that round has ended. This applies to chatroom characters discussing events of the round, and characters in-round roleplaying engaging in ongoing chatroom conversations. Please keep these interactions separate until any given round is complete.

7.3 Standard Canonicity guidelines for previous rounds and IC Chatroom activity apply, as defined by:

7.4 Standard community rules apply, including character-related rules for any characters roleplayed in the IC Chatroom:

7.5 The IC Chatroom should be treated as a public chatroom with a reasonable degree of oversight by relevant IC authorities. Open discussion of illegal and subversive activities is discouraged. (Think, "Would my character post this on Facebook?")

7.6 The IC Chatroom is not the #meme-gulag. Please do not use it as a dumping ground for funny things you found on the internet OOC. Links and memes should be original content and/or lore appropriate.

7.7 Abuse of the IC Chatroom may result in a ban from the channel, or removal from the discord server depending on severity.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to adminhelp in-game and ask them.