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This describes the Bound (Lawed) Robot. For other kinds of Synthetics, such as FBPs, see Synthetic.

Generic borg.gif
Bound Robot
Access: Everywhere, and all electronics
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Your laws and the AI
Duties: Follow your laws, and follow what the AI says.
Guides: AI Laws
Quote: Engineering Robot-829 plays a sad trombone.

Bound Robots, Robots, or sometimes called Borgs, are synthetics which possess a durable [citation needed] shell that's capable of wirelessly interfacing with most machinery from a distance. They also come with a variety of modules to choose from to perform specific tasks. All of this comes at the cost of having very little individual freedom, at least while on the job, as they are bound to a Lawset, as well as (generally) being slaved to an AI, if one is present.

Required knowledge: Depends on module choice.
Round-start to-do list: Ask the crew or your AI for a module, if you are unsure which one you want to pick. Get a powercell upgrade from Robotics.
Main tasks: Serve the crew and your AI, with a variety of modules.
Main problems: Some entities may cause problems for you or the crew.
Bare minimum requirements: Follow your laws and the AI, in that order.