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Generic psychologist.png
Access: Medbay
Additional Access: Not defined
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Bring ease to the mentally disturbed, perform psych evaluations.
Guides: None.
Quote: Tell me about your mother...

The Psychologist's role is the one with the smallest direct connection to normal Medical work. Psychologists do not perform surgery, administer medication, or stabilize critical patients. They do not retrieve casualties in the field, create medicines, or cure diseases. Unlike the rest of the Medbay staff, the Counselor has no official responsibility towards treating patients' various injuries.

Rather, the Psychologist is responsible for ensuring the mental health - or at least stability - of the crew. The job has almost no mechanical side, and is heavily role-play based. Check through the Medical records of the crew to see if anyone has recently failed a psychiatric exam, or been prescribed antidepressants. Interview stressed-out members of the crew to see if you can help them to relax and move past their worries. Hold group therapy sessions. Interact with people. Have fun role-playing. Be the only member of Medical on a slow shift. Try not to have to do surgery. Do it anyway.

Jobs on Polaris

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Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
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