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The galaxy is an enormous place, with numerous races and governments spread amongst the stars. This page contains just some of them.

If you'd like to work on a whole new place for your character to come from, feel free to submit it on the Discord so it can be reviewed and possibly made official!

Human Space



System Sol.png

Human home-system
Sol is the ancestral home of Humanity, and could be considered the diamond in the figurative crown of SolGov. Although nowadays the system is dependent on several neighbouring systems to supply the vast resource requirements of the Sol industrial bloc, the solar system remains the cultural and historical heart of human space, as well as a remembrance of hardship and a document of the splendor Humanity can achieve. The seat of SolGov is located (predictably) within Sol on Luna, all current sovereign states in the system are some form of member of the confederacy, and the most travelled FTL shipping lanes spread outwards like spokes. Sol is very much the heart of human-settled space, SolGov or otherwise, and is usually the centre-point of any human astronavigational map.

System Vir.png

Human mid-system
19.2ly from Sol
Playing on Polaris, this system is where you live and work; the NCS Northern Star and NLS Southern Cross are located here. Vir is recently colonized, containing the garden-world Sif, and is occupied by an unusually large number of trans-stellar corporations due to the large volume of trade that occurs. This also makes it somewhat of a hot-spot for pirates and other criminals.


System Nyx.png

Human rim-system
151.3ly from Sol
Nyx is on the edge of colonized human space; a frontier system. It holds the dubious distinction of containing the only known and recently identified phoron giant, Erebus, making it a hotbed of both Trans-Stellar Corporate interest and, due to its distance from the better-policed parts of human space, criminal activity.

Although Brinkburn and Roanoke play host to significant and stable colonies backed by SolGov support, the confederate presence in the system has been only nominal for years; what justice there is, you bring with you. The universally accepted currency in Nyx is the SolGov-backed Thaler (þ), although simple barter is often an acceptable alternative. With the advances of technology the overall standard of living and education is high even out in the frontier - if you can afford it.

Alpha Centauri

System Centauri.png

Human core-system
4.4ly from Sol
Alpha Centauri (including Proxima) is the stellar system closest to Sol, and thus the site of humanity's earliest colonization efforts. Although passed up as a “home away from home” in favor of Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri has transformed over hundreds of years into a booming cultural and industrial center, boasting a population of several billion. Alpha Centauri's roots in the flight from the Flooding of Earth still show through, with a mix of ethnicities rarely seen outside the system and a common disdain for humanity's homeworld.

Tau Ceti

System TauCeti.png

Human core-system
12ly from Sol
A warm star that has hovered in the sky for a millennia. Tau Ceti was one of the first star system to be colonized once humanity had begun its expansion from it's own system.

System El.png

Positronic home-system
45.6ly from Sol
Orbiting the dull red star of El, Sophia would have been strip-mined and forgotten like Sol's Main Belt, were it not for the fact that it was the first discovered site of Singularitarian activity. Because of its crucial role in the production of the positronic brain, Sophia became a burgeoning startup city and an important cultural site.

Sophia also controls the rest of its system, although as its host star is a dull red dwarf and the only planet dusty and mineral-poor, very few people actually live in this space.

Sophia is a full member of SolGov and tends to vote overwhelmingly with the Positronic Rights Group.


System Kess.png

Human core-system
19.42ly from Sol
What Is It: Eta Cassiopeia is a binary mid system composed of Kess, an main sequence star nearly the twin of Sol, and Gendar, a much smaller, dimmer companion. The presence of Nisp, a garden world, made Kess the target of some of humanity's early colonization efforts, and the amenability of Nisp's atmosphere has caused the system as a whole to have one of the highest core-system Skrellian populations. The system is divided between three distinct governments, which operate together in a loose confederation.
Jahan's Post


Human rimworld
83ly from Sol
Jahan's Post, previously home to a large tachyon observatory, was quickly converted into a military intelligence post when nearby Abel's Rest was taken by the Unathi. This conversion was short-lived, with the Hegemony overrunning local defense forces and occupying the system in the early years of the war. Almost half of the system's residents are positronics, and the Hegemony's callous disregard for their personhood and the general conditions of the occupation bred a deep-seated resentment for the Hegemony. Shortly after the war's end, SolGov constructed a large Fleet base in the system, and the supporting industries propelled Jahan's Post to full member state status.


System Oasis.png

Human mid-world
44ly from Sol
Oasis is a yellow main-sequence star in the Sagittarius Heights. Formerly hosting only a small farming community on the surface of the just-barely-uninhabitable world of Mandrake, Oasis was transformed near-overnight into an artificially maintained resort paradise, courtesy of a massive investment of capital by Gilthari Exports. Oasis attracts a large number of Skrellian tourists and in recent years has begun to cater to Skrellian physiology, driving many domestic tourists to resorts on Kishar or even Eutopia.
Saint Columbia

System Columbia.png

Human mid-world
49ly from Sol
A precursor to the Golden Hour, the Republic of Saint Columbia was occupied by the SolGov fleet after a failed attempt at secession. This has lead over the centuries to a strange cultural tension; while many Colombians still remember the brutality of the occupation, the system's major feature and economic focus is the Fleet base established to maintain the occupation and later to observe elections and technological development. The secession of the Almach Association brought these tensions to the breaking point-- due to its proximity to the Rim, the Saint Columbia base and shipyard received a massive influx of personnel, material, and media attention. Meanwhile, the natives still harbored strong techno-progressive sentiments, culminating in a Almach-backed coup in November 2562. Subsequently, the civilian population of the Fleet base formed an independent government, and Fleet personnel occupied the capital in March 2563. The Iserlohn weapons platform of the Saint Columbia base is home to the state-of-the-art long-distance beam weapon system MJOLNIR, which has been employed to great effect in the Almach Crisis


System raphael.png

Human midworld
35ly from Sol
Named after one of the scientists behind the Jans-Fhride Positronic Adulthood Index, Raphael was the first "voter farm" established after universal positronic personhood and has more member states than any other system in the Crypt. Each of its three massive habitation complexes (Yod, He, and Waw) is sponsered by a seperate Transstellar and are capable of housing 75 thousand embodied positronics in reletive safety and comfort. Corporate influence in Raphael has since abated, in part due to brutal infighting between member states in 2535. The three habitats are today controlled by Nanotrasen, Xion Manufacturing, and Wulf Aeronautics.

System love.png

Human midworld
43ly from Sol
Love is the wealthiest system in the Bowl, with a marginally habitable world and generous social welfare programs that prevent Love from sucumbing to the same economic degeneration that plagues the rest of the Bowl. However, the colony maintains extremely opaque finances and is believed to be controlled by the Golden Tiger Syndicate, as a manufactory of powerful narcotics, weaponry, and other illegal or controlled substances. With that in mind, Love's social welfare program is essentially a legalized system of hush money payouts, and potential whistleblowers and finks can expect to find themselves driven from government-controlled housing and healthcare in a perfectly legal manner. Exterior investigation is discouraged by Love's large contingent of permenantly stationed mercenary forces and carefully applied bribery of Confederate governments.

Isavau's Gamble

System Isavau.png

Human rimworld
98ly from Sol
A dull red star without a single planet to its name, Isavau's Gamble was fated to be ignored by land speculators and miners alike, were it not for how close it is to the anarcho-capitalist haven of Eutopia. Venture capitalist Isavau Ortiz purchased colonization rights to the system in 2440, renaming it after herself and financing the construction of a large spaceport designed to facilitate trade with the upstart nation. Between SolGov tightening tariffs to exert pressure on Eutopia, a variety of labor disputes, and Isavau's own increasingly erratic behavior, Isavau's Gamble failed to pay off. After years of neglect, in 2566 the Isavau International Spaceport was destroyed during the Skathari Incursion, leaving the system largely deserted with the exception of salvagers who see profit in the numerous ships and stations destroyed that year.
Terminus Station

Unknown Planet.png

Human deep space platform
74ly from Sol
One of the oldest deep-space stations in existence, Terminus Station orbits the Stream Terminus, a bizarre spacial anomaly at the downstream end of the Almach Stream. Research into the Terminus, where the tachyons making up the Almach Stream appear to simply vanish, has provided crucial data to the advancement of exonet communication and galactic tachyography, though the ultimate nature of natural tachyon field generation remains unknown. After the discovery of the Nyx Corridor and ensuing research and colonization efforts to the system, Terminus became a reluctant spaceport, handling the massive supply convoys Nyx requires to maintain its connection to the rest of galactic society.


Unknown Planet.png

Human core-system
16.73ly from Sol
Lacking any large orbital bodies, Altair once acted as a fueling stop for humanity's early colonisation efforts. Today, it is home exclusively to the Altair Correctional Complex, better known as the Altair Stack, a colossal Confederate Government prison complex and its company town, serving both those systems too small for their own facilities, and to hold Sol's most notorious criminals.

Almach Protectorate


Unknown Planet.png

Promethean Homeworld
131y from Sol
An aging dwarf star found within the Almach Rim, bordering the Skrell. "Homeworld" of the Prometheans, who were first created in a lab in the system. Once home to NanoTrasen, Grayson, and SCG assets, it is now the domain of the Aetolian Council.
Angessa's Pearl

Planet Pearl.png

Protectorate core-world
123ly from Sol
Angessa's Pearl is an inhabited world in Almach Association and a major population center. Colonized just before the beginning of the Contact War by a pseudo-religious movement lead by Angessa Martei, the people of Angessa's Pearl practice extreme asceticism and rigorous self-improvement in hopes of transcending their natural limitations. The practice is viewed with mistrust and trepidation outside of the Almach Rim system, but has been spreading in influence for the last several decades. The colony prides itself on self-sufficiency, but is friendly to pilgrims and visitors. Angessa's Pearl was one of the first systems to secede from SolGov to form the Association and together with Vounna droves its more hawkish policies, before being subsumed by the Skrellian Almach Protectorate and beginning a period of hostile resistance to occupation.


Unknown Planet.png

Former Seat of the Protectorate
142y from Sol
A remote, barely populated red giant made infamous by the hosting of a bluespace superweapon during the Almach War. Once set to be the future capital of the Almach Protectorate, the system was desolated in the Skathari Incursion

System Relan.png

Protectorate Capital
132.9ly from Sol
The Relan system consists of two independent human colonies: The Republic of Taron - which seceded from SolGov during the Age of Secession and occupies the main inhabited planet and its moon - and the Free Relan Federation which split from the Republic in the early 26th century and consists of the rest of the system outwith Taron planetary orbit, primarily within the system’s two asteroid belts. Independent for many years before being embroiled as a neutral party in the Almach Crisis, Relan has recently assumed de-facto administration of the struggling Almach Protectorate following the withdrawal of Skrellian forces during the Skathari Incursion.

Five Arrows

New Seoul

Unknown Planet.png

Five Arrows Capital
22.3ly from Sol
Capital of the Five Arrows since 2570, this wealthy former SCG colony now exercises control over five other systems and frequently clashes with Natuna pirates. Originally colonized by Korean industrial concerns, the system was relatively influential in the Colonial Assembly prior to seccession and is home to one of the most cosmopolitan populations on the Skrell border.

Unknown Planet.png

Five Arrows System
401ly from Qerr'valis
Kauq'xum was the site of first contact between the Skrell and humanity, and is the most developed Skrellian system on the human border. As a consequence, many Monarchs on Kauq'xum adopted unusually fluid caste roles and often turn a blind eye to known cross-caste pairings. Most Skrell further coreward regarded this as dangerous heterodoxy verging on the heresy of the Ue'Katish, but Kauq'xum was a common destination for young Skrell looking for a less intrusive caste system without taking the plunge and joining a Ue'Katish flotilla or immigrating to human space. Following The Incursion the system formally joined the human-led independent Five Arrows regional government, though maintained its primarily Skrellian systems of governace.


Unknown Planet.png

Five Arrows World
27.3ly from Sol
Sidhe was first colonized by a small research team from the Angelic College at Heaven in 2315. After first contact with the Skrell, a Fleet base was established to project power at the Skrellian monarchies and control the pirates operating out of Ue-Orsi. Centuries of budget cuts to the Fleet base as other military priorities proved more pressing resulted in disaster when the Fleet was unable to effectively protect the system from the Skathari Incursion and concomitant surge in agression from the Ue-Katish. Today, Sidhe is a devastated shell of itself, and one of the bitterest and most devoted members of the Five Arrows.

Unknown Planet.png

Five Arrows World
21.6ly from Sol
Primarily an organic agricultural world, the planet is divided into two distinct economic and cultural sectors. Those presiding in the planet's great cities tend to be both better educated and more financially secure, while those working the vast green farmlands that radiate outwards often find themselves living with distinctly less goods and government. As a result, class tensions often find themselves surfacing often, particularly as the official planetary government based in the cities attempt to exert their influence outward.


Natuna Bhūmi Bariśāl

System Natuna.png

Human/Skrell independent system
132.7ly from Sol
Natuna Bhūmi Bariśāl is an independent colony on the border of Human and Skrell space. The colony seceded in the early 25th century in protest of restrictions on Human-Skrell migration, and became the first to allow humans and Skrell to live alongside one another outside of in official roles. It became instrumental in the lifting of immigration restrictions between the two governments. Today, the colony remains under embargo by most nations on good terms with the Skrell, and has become something of a hub for Ue-Katish pirates.
New Kyoto


Human independent system
86.1ly from Sol
New Kyoto is a Japanese cultural revivalist colony which seceded from SolGov during the Age of Secession. The colony consists of one major populated planet in the Phact system, in addition to industrial and mining operations on two smaller planets. The local government is inhospitable towards outside influence, and as such Trans-Stellar Corporation presence is negligible.

Casini’s Reach

Unknown Planet.png

Human independent system
100.2ly from Sol
Casini’s Reach is an independent anarcho-communist colony on the edge of human space. While often considered a singular colony by outsiders for the purposes of astropolitics, the system is in reality occupied by a large number of individual communes united by a mutual defense pact in the name of security.

System Eutopia.png

Human independent system
126.1ly from Sol
Eutopia is a secessionist state-like organization founded on anarcho-capitalist free market principles and philosophical Objectivism. Created during the 2400's by a collection of corporate interests, secessionists, and the wealthy, Eutopia has profited from its status as a tax haven and a place free from many of SolGov's more restrictive laws.


System Shelf.png

Positronic Flotilla
143.8ly from Sol
Shelf is the ever-moving birthplace and headquarters of Morpheus Cyberkinetics. Originally only a handful of positronics in a single out-of-date transport shuttle, Shelf has grown over the years into the single largest flotilla in human space, composed of upwards of seventeen hundred ships.

Unknown Planet.png

Extra-planar Ark Ship
Assumed 200ly from Sol
Vystholm is a distant, isolated ark ship outside of the galactic plane. To most, it's a small note in the history books of humanity's more xenophobic past. To SolGov, it's a distant but potential threat that is worth monitoring.

Skrell Space



System Qerrvalis.png

Skrell Home system
Skrell Epicenter
See Qerr'balak

Unknown Planet.png

Skrell system
8ly from Qerr'valis
Check back here later


Unknown Planet.png

Skrell system
17.2ly from Qerr'valis
Check back here later



Place Ueorsi.png

Ue-Katish Flotilla
~1100 ships
Ue'Orsi, or “No Honor”, is the oldest, largest, and most politically stable of the Ue-Katish flotillas. Founded almost two thousand years ago, Ue'Orsi has been continually growing, improving its internal infrastructure, and moving rimward in the face of expansion by more traditional Skrell. Ue'Orsi has distanced itself from the violent piracy of its fellow flotillas, instead serving as a black market and cultural, logistics, and supply hub for the other Flotillas and Natuna.

Place Xequa.png

Ue'Katish flotilla
~700 ships
Operating in the lawless space between the Far Kingdoms and the Almach Rim, the pirates of Xe'Qua are far more brutal than their counterparts in Ue'Orsi. The Captains of the flotilla run a very tight ship and stop at nothing to keep their way of life intact in the face of fierce opposition by the Qerr of the Far Kingdoms. Xe'Qua is known to maintain a fairly functional relationship with local Vox, despite their mutual distrust and competition for the same resources. Some human xenoscientistss, seeking to prove one theory or another about the nature and origin of the Vox, have ventured to Xe'Qua in hopes of getting an honest answer out of the pirates. These scientists usually return disappointed, if they return at all, but much support for the Intergalactic Upwelling theory comes from the people of Xe'Qua.

Tajaran Space

The Pearlshield Coalition


Unknown Planet.png

Tajaran home system
Tajaran Epicenter
Rarkajar is the home system of the Tajaran race, and the focus of their activities in space. Rarkajar has ten planets in its orbit, five of them Jovian, and only one within its habitable band; Meralar itself.


Unknown Planet.png

Tajaran Colony
8ly from Rarkajar
The first official extra-Rarkajaran system inhabited by the Tajaran, formally colonized by members of the Pearlshield Coalition in 2531. Contains one planet within the habitable zone: Alar-Selna, "Pearl of The Frontier", as well as one gas giant further out in the midst of an asteroid belt, and two dwarf planets closer to the star, all of which have budding colonies on their surfaces or in orbit as applicable. Alar-Selna in particular is flourishing due to its mineral-rich composition and high-O2 atmosphere; while it's not directly breathable due to certain other gases present, the O2 can be scrubbed to provide clean air for the sealed structures of the colonies, and it makes ongoing terraforming efforts that bit easier to accomplish.

Unknown Planet.png

Tajaran Colony
10ly from Rarkajar
The second extra-Rarkajaran system of the Tajaran, claimed in 2528 by a joint Hakar-Nehrani venture independent of the Pearlshield Coalition, and finally colonized in 2551. Contains several conventionally uninhabitable dwarf planets and asteroid belts, but it's a generally mineral-rich system, and widespread mining operations provide almost all the materials needed to sustain its colonies.

Unathi Space

Moghes Hegemony


Unknown Planet.png

Unathi home system
Unathi epicenter
See: Moghes

Other Systems of Interest

Epsilon Ursae Minoris


Dionea gestalt system
303 ly from Sol
Originally believed to be an unassuming ternary system, the stars were later found to host a trio of Dionea gestalts; immense conglomerates of plantlike creatures, buoyed on rare and unstable gasses and fueled by hard radiation, asteroid impacts and a kind of complex internal fusion.
Abel's Rest

Unknown Planet.png

Contested Human/Unathi border system
112.8ly from Sol
See: History

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