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What Is It?

NanoTrasen is one of the foremost research and development companies in SolGov space. Originally focused on consumer products, their swift move into the field of Phoron lead to them becoming the foremost experts on the substance and its uses. In the modern day, NanoTrasen prides itself on being an early adopter to as many new technologies as possible, often offering the newest products to their employees. In an effort to combat complaints about employee exposure to dangerous experimental technologies, NanoTrasen also offers one of the most comprehensive medical plans in SolGov space, up to and including cloning and therapy.


NanoTrasen was formed as a merger between Trasen Electronics and NanoMed Systems in 2323. NanoMed was a large medical R&D corporation floundering from competition with the newer Vey-Med and the old giant Zeng-Hu, while Trasen Electronics was an old, acclaimed electronics firm whose economic dominance through their control of positronic brains, which they discovered, was slipping away with patent expiry and the expansion of Ward-Takahashi's precursor firms. The two powerful corporations merged and shifted their focus to R&D. However, the formation of Ward-Takahashi and the invention of cloning by Vey-Med threatened their position, until the discovery of Phoron by the tiny Robineau Material Sciences bought them the chance they needed. They ventured an outrageous sum of money to purchase the firm before their findings were even confirmed, and in doing so became the frontrunners of phoron research. Their potential ruinous gamble paid off, and the creation of the phoron-catalyzed medications required for a swift post-cloning recovery rocketed them to fame and success, culminating with their leading role in the formation of the Sol Economic Organization in 2489.


The discovery of phoron deposits in the Vir system's Kara and Sif brought the attention of NanoTrasen to the sleepy mid-system garden world in 2514. NanoTrasen quickly obtained an economic stranglehold on the system, establishing numerous research colonies, mining operations, and logistics structures in addition to buying out a large amount of Vir's privatized infrastructure. Though many in Vir decried the move as glorified corporate imperialists, NanoTrasen's investment brought them new jobs and new migrants, prompting political turmoil as the SEO-aligned migrants clashed with the strongly Shadow Coalition-aligned natives.

During the Skathari Incursion in the 2560s, NanoTrasen fell into chance ownership of a highly active anomaly zone on the surface of Sif. Labelled the Sif Anomalous Region, this area manifested around previously unexcavated xenoarchaeological sites almost entirely within a colossal tract of land NanoTrasen's Vir division had purchased half a century prior as an R&D site for atmospheric phoron extraction machinery. This gave the company almost exclusive access to examples of entirely alien phenomena, which it hopes to exploit as effectively into new technologies, as it did Phoron once before.

Modern Times

NanoTrasen is headquartered in Luna, with logistical bases throughout SolGov space (especially in phoron-dense regions). They are in fierce economic competition with Ward-Takahashi's electronics lines, Vey-Med's cloning equipment lines, and Zeng-Hu's pharmaceutical lines, their cutting-edge technology undercut by their high prices. They attract workers with their comprehensive medical care packages, provided at low-to-no cost to all employees. NT employees are often a testing ground for the commercial viability of new NT technologies, which means they're often the first to deal with the consequences. Overall, their reputation is eccentric but positive, with new innovations frequently making the headlines.


A fairly unremarkable prosthetic design, NanoTrasen health plans provide these as part of their famous corporate medical insurance. These are also provided to NanoTrasen-produced positronics at the end of their indenture and are considered fairly high quality for entry-level prosthesis. Outside of NanoTrasen facilities, NanoTrasen-brand prosthetics are fairly rare and not often sought out-- NanoTrasen's grey-black prosthetics are a visual sign of association with the company itself, though the brand isn't exclusive to employees.

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