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Medical Doctor
Access: Medbay, Morgue, Surgery
Additional Access: Chemistry Lab, Virology
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Save lives, run around the station looking for victims, scan everyone in sight
Guides: Guide to Medical, Guide to Surgery
Quote: Oh, are you hurt? Here, let me kiss it better...

You are the Medical Doctor. treat the wounded and send them back to work. The good news is, everybody is pretty clumsy and will probably come close to getting themselves killed on a regular basis. Remember, your job is essential! Cloning should be a last resort, every fresh clone hurts the company's bottom line (not to mention the existential implications)

You spawn with a First-Aid Kit in Medbay where there are spares along with more specialized kits.

Bare minimum requirements: Heal the sick and injured.

Doctor, Doctor!

When you are a Medical Doctor, your job is to heal people, save them from the brink of death. You can diagnose injuries and diseases with the help of a health analyzer, conveniently located in all medical kits, or even your PDA. While most of the crew are more than capable of performing first aid, it's your job to deal with more serious ailments by administering medicines and gluing people's bones back together.

For a detailed overview of damage types and treatments, see Guide to Medical.

Medical Storage

Everything you need for basic treatment can be found in here. Specialist first aid kits of every variety, trauma kits, syringes and some of the more basic medicines. For more complex/effective medicines, you'll have to ask the Chemist nicely.


Two operating theatres,each with an operating table, surgical tools, and an observation chamber. Surgeons will come in here to perform all manner of Surgery. Blood packs for every (human) blood type can be found in the surgical lobby.

Modern Miracles

A Deep Freeze

Setting up Cryogenics is easy and simple. Don't forget to do it until it's too late.

Firstly, fill the tubes with Cryoxadone - beakers should be on the table. Clonexadone is more effective, but will have to be synthesized by a competent Chemist. Next, turn on the freezer and set the temperature to a sub-zero temperature.

Before placing someone in cryo, connect one of the O2 canisters (next to the freezer) to it's port; there's a wrench nearby to do this. Also, be sure to remove any insulated bodywear such as RIG suits, fire suits and bomb suits.

The Mad Rush

If the Patient is in critical condition, especially when the health is negative, you have to work fast. Apply some inaprovaline to stabilize the patient, place medical gauze on any bleeding wounds, and take them to medbay. If Cryo isn't set up, throw them in a sleeper, fill them with rejuvenators, and set up Cryo. Once cryo is set up, strip the patient inside the Cryo room (to prevent people from nabbing their stuff), stuff them in a cryo cell and switch on the cryo. Click on the tube to analyze their health, and make sure their health is improving; if it's not, check that their body temperature is actually low, they're not wearing a hardsuit or anything else that blocks temperature, the freezer is on and that the connected O2 canister still has pressure. If they are still in critical condition, leave them to cool off a bit longer. If not, heal them normally, and then send them on their way.'


If a patient has died recently, you may be able to use the defibrillator to revive them on the spot. A few defibrillators can be found on tables in Medbay, and is usually used by up-and-coming paramedics.

To use a defibrillator, activate the item in your hand so that it appears 'open' and apply directly to the patient's chest.

In order to successfully resuscitate a patient, several criteria must be met:

1. The patient must not be dead for more than ten minutes.

2. The patient must not have over 180 brute or burn damage; 179 brute and 179 burn is fine, just not 180 of one type.

3. The patient must not be a suicide.

4. The patient must not be catatonic.

5. The patient must be in their body (they will get a message when they begin being defibrillated).

6. The patient must have a heart.

If all these factors are met, then the patient will come back to life! However, this doesn't mean they can just get right back up. Instead, they'll likely still be deep in critical condition, as a successful revival only removes a bit of each damage type. They must quickly receive medical attention if you want to keep them alive. Make sure to use a health analyzer or your PDA to check how they died; if they have toxins in their body, they most likely still do (chemicals remain in bodies after death, but do not metabolize).

Ensure the patient has a reasonable level of blood before reviving them, or else they will surely die again very quickly. Patch up any holes, and if they have suffered internal bleeding, rush their body to Surgery fast!

Medibots - Replace you, will they?

Medibots are the bane of any Doctor - their very existence is to replace you!

Not to worry! You can simply do your job by managing the Medibot. Using your ID, you can alter its settings, and fill it with a beaker of any chemical (beneficial or otherwise...), and let it inject away! You can adjust its speaker settings, if its constant blooping and shouting is driving you insane.

Concurrently, you can fill it with a beaker of unstable mutagen, or even Emag him. Once Emagged, the delightful little medibot buzzes around injecting everyone and everything with not-so-helpful chemicals - like Beepsky without the I AM THE LAW.

Hello, I'm Dr. Death

So, you are a traitor? There is so many wondrous, terrible things you can do. When people are injured, they are taken to medbay to be "doctored" by you and other people. You can then shoot them up with poisons, take them some place private in medbay and take what you want, or go for malpractice to end them. This is very good if you happen to be in a crowded area and stab the HoP and drag them back to Medical when people are in a panic. You can hide victims by putting little notes by morgue trays saying "This patient is Do Not Clone" or "This man has been cloned" and no one will bat an eye at why they are naked, and why they are there. You can even doctor their medical records, to be thorough.

To Conclude

You are a Doctor. Your job is to help people - sometimes forcibly - and dealing with the fallout from the numerous violent calamities that inevitably descend on the station. You serve both as go-between for the station at large and the more specialized medical departments.

Jobs on Polaris

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Command Station Director, Head of Personnel, Command Secretary
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Paramedic, Chemist, Psychologist
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