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Important: Lore characters, meaning those characters specifically named in the lore, are off-limits to players. Player characters may not be more closely related to any living Lore Character than second cousins or three generations, or any deceased Lore Character by two generations. In general, players may not have any relationship with a Lore Character that would give them special privileges.


Confederate Government Officials

Party Heads

Mackenzie West

Position: General Secretary and Chairperson of the Icarus Front

About: 50-something former socialite and heir to the Oculum Broadcast fortune. Known for their relatively moderate positions within the Icarus Front and chosen to help broaden the party's appeal. Distinguished themselves during the Almach Crisis as a popular figure for their firm but not dogmatic stance against the Association. Credited with holding together the Assembly during the Skathari Incursion despite mounting strain in the SCG, West has enjoyed almost fifteen years as General Secretary. A frequent figure of scandal.

Jun Psamathe

Position: Shadow Coalition Speaker, Representative for New Ohio.

About: Formerly a patent lawyer for Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, Psamathe has represented the people of New Ohio in the Assembly since 2561. They rose to prominence in 2570 due to their crucial role in ensuring that the legal status of Regional Blocs would not allow for the erosion of sapient rights that had been historically ensured on an SCG level. They were elected as speaker the following year, after a revolving door of unpopular figures held the position during the Incursion, and has held the title the longest since the departure of ISA-5.

Rewi Kerehoma

Position: Chairperson of the Board, Sol Economic Organization

About: Kerehoma was appointed Chairperson in 2561, after the sudden death of their predecessor. Kerehoma is widely acknowledged as a "safe" choice for Chairperson, previously CFO of the relatively minor Centauri Provisions. During their term as chairperson, Kerehoma has struggled with an internal party split resulting in the Galactic Autonomy Party, has refocused the party towards their hawkish tendencies, and championed criticism of larger Trans-Stellar monopolies.

Colin Zula

Position: Chief Spokesperson for the Galactic Autonomy Party, Representative for He, Raphael

About: Colin Zula rose to international attention in 2564 by leading the formation of the short-lived Solar Sovereignty Party that split from the SEO in response to Skrellian intervention in the Almach War. Though the SSP failed to retain most representative seats by 2566 and its members ostracized from their original parties, Zula later joined the GAP at its formation. By 2573 Zula had re-gained office as representative of notorious voter farm He, in Raphael, and was selected as Chief Spokesperson for the party on the basis of strong name recognition and charisma.


Mehmet Sao

TTC Commisioner Mehmet Sao

Position: Transgressive Technologies Commissioner

About: Formerly the Internal Security Advisor for Vir after being assigned by friend and IF colleague Representative Vani Jee. Known for his strong stance against mercurialism and his denouncement of the Occulus Emergence Incident during the last term of the Arielsson governorship, Sao gained surprising amounts of support late in the 2563 election cycle as news of Almachi atrocities and Hegemony aggression entered the public consciousness. Offered a senior position in the TTC following the resignation of Sifat Unar. Under Sao, the TTC has eased Five Points restrictions due to resource constraints, though Sao frames this as a re-focus on "real dangers" posed by more extreme cases.

Zehava Collins

Position: Executive of Development

About: Charged with ensuring the economic growth of SolGov's protectorates, Collins began her long career as a private sector bureaucrat before finding a position in the Abel's Rest Development Trust and slowly working her way up the chain of command. Once accused of practicing the Unity by Critics, Collins has won significant acclaim after negotiating the 2570 cession of Abel's Rest from the Moghes Hegemony. Previously somewhat "apolitical", she has become an extremely vocal critic of the 2572 Pearlshield Coalition annexation of the Outer Bowl, which she views as a serious violation of SCG mandate.


Selma Jorg

Senior Diplomat Selma Jorg

Position: Former Representative for Vir (2563 - 2565), SCG Diplomat (2665-present)

About: A distant third in the 2563 general election, Jorg is a Shadow Coalition mainliner who strongly advocates for nonhuman rights and more faithful representation of rural Sivians and the population of the Karan rings. While in office they worked closely with Governor Hainirsdottir to reverse some of the ecological damage of the Arielsson governorship, but did not win re-election. Following her term as Representative, Jorg has resumed duties as a senior Solar diplomat working in the Almach Protectorate.

Local Government Officials


Lusia Hainirsdottir

Governor Luisa Hainirsdottir

Position: Governor of Vir (2563 - Present)

About: A Multi-Nationalist Movement member turned Shadow Coalition, Lusia is known for her aggressive pursuit of the Coalition's medical interests, leading her to butt heads against more moderate baseliners. She also harbors unusually anticapitalist and pro-independence sentiments. Lusia won the 2563 general election by a wide margin, campaigning on a platform of ecology and the expansion of public health programs.

Bruno Ofako

Position: Governor of Putiya Nadu, Kishar

About: An often controversial figure and prominent member of the GAP, formerly of the SEO. Outspoken supporter of "small government", Ofako is infamous for his filibusters blocking even the most inconsequential of direct government interventions, including a disasterous filibuster against Fleet intervention in Nyx in 2567. A major stockholder in Gilthari Exports, and accused by some opponents of links with the Xin Cohong.

Anya McMullen

Position: President of the Iserlohn Republic, Saint Columbia

About: Daughter of controversial Admiral Kaleb McMullen, Anya was installed as the civilian leader of a rump protectorate formed out of the civilian population of Saint Columbia Fleet Base during the Almach Crisis. She and her administration were put in charge of reintegration for the breakaway Saint Columbia Democratic Union after the Treaty of Whythe, where her surprisingly gentle touch and likeable public image has won her a number of supporters among the former secessionists.


Hal Wekstrom

Representative Hal Wekstrom

Position: Representative for Vir (2571 - Present)

About: A long time member of the New Reykjavik city council, and major Virite mining magnate. After an atrociously poor performance in the 2563 elections as an SEO candidate, Wekstrom ran again on the same platform of increased local autonomy from SolGov for colonial systems in 2571 under the Galactic Autonomy Party banner, and in an increasingly autonomist political climate won the party's first Assembly seat in Vir.

Kristine Hammarstrom

Position: Representative for Vir (2567 - Present)

About: Leveraging the political influence of the Virite Hedberg-Hammarstrom corporation led by her grandfather, heiress Kristine Hammarstrom won election on behalf of the Sol Economic Organization on a platform of national security and self-sufficiency in the wake of the Skathari Incursion. By some fluke chance, this has included campaigning for the Golden Crescent Alliance Bloc to adopt domestically produced military equipment in place of the Solar standard of giants like Hephaestus Industries.

Fumiko Hernandez

Position: Representative for Oasis

About: Fumiko rose to prominance during her first term as representative after being the first in recent memory to advocate for a "review" to the Five Points as a tool of foreign policy Her contraversial statements cost her re-election, though she returned to power in 2567 in an increasingly technoprogressive environment. She has run under both the SEO and the GAP on a platform of improved relations with "traditional solar allies", the Almach Protectorate, and the Five Arrows, in hopes of containing threats to SolGov, especially the Moghes Hegemony and the increasingly expansionist Pearlshield Coalition.

Party Officials

Kurah Zarshir

Position: Culture Secretary, Vir Shadow Coalition

About: Wildly popular dark horse candidate in the 2563 general election, Tajaran migrant Kurah Zarshir narrowly lost a Representative seat to a handful of votes in the third round of eliminations. Zarshir was brought aboard the local Shadow Coalition party apparatus as a result of her popularity and in an attempt to further court the xeno vote. After losing her next bid for election in 2565 due to the economic downturn caused by the Tachyon Downtick, her bid in 2567 to the Skathari Incursion, and her bid in 2569 to the general rise in autonomist sentiment in Vir, she has reportedly set her sights on influencing regional politics through the Golden Crescent Alliance Bloc.


One Thousand Shivering Mandibles

Position: Ambassador for the Khepri People

About: The only member of the warlike Khepri species to have ever left their homeworld. Attempting to produce public support for the inclusion of Khepri in the interstellar community, without much success.

Foreign Government Officials

Almach Protectorate Government

Ae'quae Teqer

Exalt Ae'quae Teqer

Position: Exalt of the Republic of Exalt's Light and the Reformed Starlit Path

About: A Malish-Katish from Oasis who was among the first to come to Angessa's Pearl. Extremely devout, he broke from Angessian tradition after the formation of Boiling Point, which he viewed as a sign of Martei's unfitness as leader. Installed as head of the occupation government by Far Kingdoms officials for his resistance to Martei's rule, he has since stood for reelection twice, winning both with suspicious ease.


Exalt Ceaselessly-Pursues-Progress

Position: Exalt of the Angessian Technocracy and the Orthodox Starlit Path

About: Little is known about Ceaselessly-Pursues-Progress, who wears a distinctive armored voidsuit in all public appearances. Her enhanced physical abilities, sharp tongue, and root access to Angessian infrastructure leads many to speculate about the connection between her and Angessa Martei; speculation that ranges from harmless to indecent to downright conspiratorial.

Other Human States

Ose Sozui

Position: Emperor of New Kyoto

About: Son of Takeshi, and Emperor since 2512. Now in his 80s, he is known for easing isolationist policy on a diplomatic level while strictly forbidding cultural 'contamination'.

Hadvid Parly

Position: Chairman of the Board for the Eutopia Foreign Relations Bureau

About: Disgustingly wealthy, Hadvid is a third-generation Eutopian with a 14% share in the Public Relations board and significant holdings in the Halo. Formerly in charge of PR for the tiny anarcho-capitalist polity, Parly has taken on a more prominant and effective role in negotiating the relationship between Eutopia and local pirates, encouraging them to attack only the "NAP violators" in nearby nations.

Zaddat Spacer Fleet

Ivti Azav Xohox

Position: Commander of First, Senior Spacer

About:Ivti is the de facto head of government for the Spacer Guild and the Zaddat as a whole. She is rarely seen outside of the confines of First, and is beginning to show signs of advanced aging after 100 years of life. As her name would indicate, she is considered something of a sycophant and can be trusted to loyally execute on Hegemony orders- but it is this same toadyism that won the Zaddat the right to wander the stars.

Zidz Ivti

Position: Commander of Bright

About: Zidz is a fairly young Zaddat and apprentice to Ivti Azav. His command of the Bright makes him the primary Zaddat authority within Vir space, and it was his idea to move Bright and her sister-ships into the system in the first place. So far, his experiment has born mixed results, but most in Bright are willing to defer to his judgement and the authority imparted by his master.

Military Officials

Defense Forces

SolGov Fleet and Marines

Kaleb McMullen

Admiral Kaleb McMullen

Position: Admiral of the Saint Columbia Garrison

About: Known for the violent suppression of dissent during the Lizard Riots on Mandrake in 2542 and extreme collateral damage during the Boiling Point coup in Angessa's Pearl in 2557, Admiral McMullen's quick mind and results-oriented approach to the conventions of warfare nonetheless earned him a prominent place in the SCG military and deep influence in Solar intelligence and defense doctrine. Responded to the secession of the SCDU in 2563 by organizing the Iserlohn Republic as a SCG-supported alternative government, run by his daughter Anya. Won acclaim during the Skathari Incursion for his fleet's extremely high success rate in anti-skathari operations, which also drew him key supporters within an otherwise rapidly shrinking Solar Fleet. Suspected by some of harboring political or even dictatorial ambitions regarding his position as commander of the Saint Columbia occupation, though his critical position and wide base of local support makes him difficult to remove.

Erkki Laukkanen

Position: Chief of Fleet Staff, Vir Defense Force (2545-2565), Chief of Fleet Staff, Saint Columbia Garrison Fleet (2565-present)

About: An unorthodox tactician whose Vir Defense Force saw surprising effect in minor supporting actions during the Almach War. A staunch supporter of the Icarus Front, tensions with a VirGov increasingly dominated by the Shadow Coalition eventually saw him removed from his position in favor of more politically expedient candidates after the Hedberg-Hammarstrom takeover in 2565. He quickly applied for, and recieved, a position in the SCG Fleet at Saint Columbia, where he now plays a key role in the local power structure.

Moghes Hegemony and Zaddat Escort Fleet

Siluze Ukloss Iku

Position: Commander of the Unmaker's Fury'

About: Ukloss is a very old Unathi, alive during the initial contact with the Zaddat, the Schierians, and SolGov. More impressive yet is her service record, having survived the initial wars with all three species. Because of her illustrious history, she was selected to captain the Zaddat escort vehicle Unmaker's Fury, a potent reminder to the Zaddat of what they expect from their clients-- and a reminder to SolGov that the Unathi never truly lost the First Contact War.

Iheraer Saelho

Position: Commander of the Hand of Redemption

About: On the younger side for a Redeemed, Saelho distinguished himself in battle against mercenaries in the Love system and was chosen to command the escorts of the Bright Detached Fleet. His exact service history, life prior to Redemption, and relationship with the Iku clan remain shrouded in mystery.

Corporate Officials


Albary Moravec

Position: CEO of Nanotrasen

About: Known for eccentricity, Moravec is pushing 100 and has been Nanotrasen CEO for the last 20. Born in a Nanotrasen mining colony, his meteoric rise through the ranks is often held up as an example of a modern self-made man. His addresses to the board are widely televised and usually well- received.

Jiang Zeng

Position: CEO of Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

About: Originally one half of the Zeng-Hu Pharmaceutical empire, the Zeng family has long since bought out total control, casting the Hu name into relative obscurity. Jiang Zeng is notably more ruthless than her predecessors and frequent restructuring of the company's highest levels have called into question her family's dependability as leadership in the future.

Chatur "Big Ted" Gupta

Position: CEO of Major Bill's Transportation

About: The ever-enthusiastic head of MBT makes a public point of "getting involved" with every level of his company's operation, from graphic design and marketing, to spacecraft design. While less popular with those who have to deal with his meddling, the move has apparently worked wonders for public relations.

Chock Full of Sardines

Position: Member of the Board, Morpheus Sol

About: Led the restructuring effort that saw Morpheus' Solar holdings escape legal repercussions for their association with Shelf and the Almach Association. Chock Full escaped any personal repercussions in their role in the Almach Crisis due to a pardon extended by ISA-5's government after a closed door negotiation shortly before their retirement. Chock Full remains the least anonymous member of Morpheus' shadowy board, leading their branch in Sol, and performs their function in the company with what has been called "frankly irrational" levels of transparency and forthrightness.


News & Media

David Huexqole

Position: Vir News Network Anchor

About: Widely popular Skrell head anchor of the Oculum Broadcast owned local news network. Known for his dry humour and unrelenting journalistic style, David has also hosted numerous news specials and documentaries in his 30-year long career. One of surprisingly few Skrell at the forefront of major media in Vir.


Position: Talk Show Host

About: A rather one-dimensional, yet beloved media drone created by NanoTrasen to act as the "light and relatable" host of their talk show Chat With Sally. Presented as a neighborly older woman with a rotating set of fashion styles depending on the season and results of rigorous focus testing, Sally is a staple of NanoTrasen's private entertainment broadcast channel.

Elspor Fong

Position: Daedalus Dispatch Head Reporter

About: Top of her class at Elysium University, 31-year-old Fong is one of the most widely read columnists in human space. Unabashedly an IF member and staunch supporter of General Secretary West. Got her start translating Skrellian propaganda in an attempt to demonstrate the injustices of the Skrellian caste system.

Content Creators

Nova Sixty

Position: Mercurial Exonet Star

About: A controversial figure who once uploaded politically charged video content from an undisclosed location, the heavily cyberneticized Mercurial Nova Sixty returned to mainstream society after their augmentations were legalized in Love in 2567. They now spend their time publically encouraging others to pursue the same expensive cyberneticization in between reading and mocking hate maile in weekly, over-long streams. Sometimes accused of ties to the Starlit Path, which she repudiates, referring to the Angessan religion as "those creepy fascist psychos."


Yasmeen Said

Position: Socialite/Reality Star

About: Beloved niece of alarmingly wealthy investment banker Kaphiri Said, Yasmeen (As she is simply known) has earned the impressive title of "Sol's Most Recognizable Face", beating out every major political figure with her wide variety of self-aggrandizing reality shows. A favourite of teens and Oculum Broadcast executives alike.

Nero Halward

Position: Celebrity

About: A retired Colonial Marshals captain, Nero has spun his personal anecdotes into a small media franchise. To kids and the gullible on human core worlds he's seen as a hero bringing order to the chaotic frontier. On actual colonies and border worlds, he's been accused of understating the hardships the people there endure. Only about half of the stories he tells are actually true, but that doesn't stop them from selling.


Vani Jee

Vani Jee

Position: Former Representative for Vir (2563 - 2569)

About: Isolation-minded Icarus Front representative Jee won a shocking fraction of the 2563 electorate for her strong stance of opposition to the appropriation of local Defense Forces for Solar efforts in the Almach War, promotion to Vir's lackluster public education sector, and anti-corporate sensibilities. Jee held her position from 2563 until 2569, when she was killed by Skathari while campaigning for re-election.

Silvain Barka

Position: Late Admiral of the Rim Expeditionary Force (2563-2566)

About: One of the few most combat-experienced officers in the Solar Fleet following the retirement of Hegemony War veterans. Made his name as commander of anti-piracy forces in the Rarkajar Rift. Was assigned command of the Rim Expeditionary Force in October 2563 to replace the disgraced Admiral Latt, and saw great success in the Battle of Gavel. Lead the SCG investigation to Isavau's Gamble, where his flagship was destroyed by skathari.


Former SCG

Bjorn Arielsson

Position: Former Governor of Sif

About: An aging career politician and outspoken Shadow Coalition member who served five consecutive 2-year terms as Governor. Concidered a "Man of the people", he retired in mid 2563 after delivering a widely syndicated indictment of the Almach Association and secessionists in Vir and elsewhere. Currently lives in a cabin outside the Sivian city of Kalmar with his partner of 22 years, noted positronic entrepreneur View Arielsson. Footage of the Arielssons fighting off a skathari with a pair of hunting shotguns went viral on Sif's internet and has made Bjorn into the subject of numerous completely impenetrable memes.


Position: Former Shadow Coalition Speaker, Representative for Sophia.

About: Over 200 years old, ISA was a early figure in the Positronic Civil Rights Group and served on-and-off again as Representative over the course of the 26th century. ISA was made Speaker for the Shadow Coalition in 2559, owing to their long service and the Shadow Coalition's desire to capture the civil rights vote, but came under fire for their pro-reconciliation stance towards the Almach Association and the Moghes Hegemony, and stepped down from the Assembly once again during the 2565 Sophia elections.

Sifat Unar

Position: Former Transgressive Technologies Commissioner and Interior Police Executive

About: Appointed to the position as part of the EIO's expanded 2560 budget, Sifat was a career EIO agent placed in charge of the entire department. His methods were questioned as being highly draconian, and he has an almost pathological disgust for transhumanism stemming from devout religious conviction that extended to a hardline stance against the Almach Association and its successors. Under his command the EIO prevented countless emergent events, but allegations of "extreme measures" undertaken to enforce the agency's directives during resource and funding strains in the Skathari Incursion, including the deaths of three positronic detainees, led to his disgraced resignation 2569. His handling of the "Interior Police" job was widely considered lackluster at best.

Ripon Latt

Position: Former Admiral of the Rim Expeditionary Force (2562-2563)

About: Admiral Latt was the senior officer behind most of Sol's military failures in the Almach Rim. He came under heavy public criticism both for his failure to accurately respond to the nature of the Almachi threat and for his repeated public statements attempting to avoid blame for said failure. He retired in October 2563 under intense political pressure, without honours.

Former Almach Association

Luisa Tassis

Position: First Secretary of the Saint Columbia Democratic Union

About: An immigrant from Casini's Reach, Tassis rose to prominence in the Saint Columbia riots following the Gray Week. In the following month, she rose from secretary for an industrial union to millita leader to head of state and oversaw the transfer of Saint Columbia to Almach Association control. She is firey and outspoken in public, eschewing social niceties and peppering her speeches with profanity, but is surprisingly withdrawn in her private life. Currently living in exile in her home commune in Casini's Reach following the occupation of the SCDU early in the war.

Naomi Harper

Position: Head of the Aetolian Council, Vounna.

About: Once a member of an artisan family, she opted to follow the sciences and eventually found her way through the ranks at a research site in the Precursor's Crypt before being hired by NanoTrasen as a xenobiologist. Later assigned to the NRS Prometheus as head of operations, where her distaste for the restrictions on medicinal genetic research eventually boiled over once the Prometheans were created onboard the station. Certain sources suggest that the secession of Vounna began as attempts to passively wrest control of the system from NanoTrasen and the SCG, however it rapidly turned critical after the deaths of key individuals during struggles with Promethean agents, turning it into a rapid, and bloody, coup. Harper was not present for the signing of the Treaty of Whythe and is believed to be living in exile.

Angessa Martei

Position: Founder and Exalt of Angessa's Pearl

About: Founded Angessa's Pearl at age 38. After repeated attempts on her life (some temporarily successful), retired to obscurity in the town of Angessa's Grave until a year into the Gray Hour, when she reclaimed her place as Exalt to steer the nascent Almach Association. News sources immediately before the beginning of military action in the Rim indicated that she had left the Pearl to acquire new converts from Sol and elsewhere; reports of her current whereabouts have been extremely conflicted. Rumors of 'Angessa Clones', illegal duplicates made by the former dictator, are unsubstantiated but worryingly plausible


Nana Trasen

Position: Nanotrasen Mascot

About: Not really a person in the strict sense, Trasen is an advanced A-class drone intelligence with an adorable cartoon avatar, used as Nanotrasen's official mascot and public relations liaison. Images of Trasen are sometimes burned in effigy during anti-drone protests.

Yole Savik

Yole Savik

Position: Former candidate for Representative for Vir

About: Yole Savik's bid for the one of Vir's three representative seats ended with him placed eleventh of thirteen candidates, ahead of old positronic integrationist Zone Square and open eugenics advocate Apogee Lye. His campaign was marked with numerous scandals and public embarrassment, which culminated in his death by exposure in the Ullran Expanse shortly after the results were announced. Despite claiming to be a seasoned woodsman, each such outing resulted in numerous injuries and he is believed to have died after only a few days in the wild. He lives on in popular image macros and horror stories which claim his ghost still haunts the Expanse.

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