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Five Arrows System
401ly from Qerr'valis
Kauq'xum was the site of first contact between the Skrell and humanity, and is the most developed Skrellian system on the human border. As a consequence, many Monarchs on Kauq'xum adopted unusually fluid caste roles and often turn a blind eye to known cross-caste pairings. Most Skrell further coreward regarded this as dangerous heterodoxy verging on the heresy of the Ue'Katish, but Kauq'xum was a common destination for young Skrell looking for a less intrusive caste system without taking the plunge and joining a Ue'Katish flotilla or immigrating to human space. Following The Incursion the system formally joined the human-led independent Five Arrows regional government, though maintained its primarily Skrellian systems of governace.