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Access: Hydroponics, Morgue
Additional Access: Bar, Kitchen
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Grow plants for the kitchen, mutate them in the name of curiosity
Guides: Guide to Hydroponics
Quote: This is the Captain speaking, a reward will be issued for whoever brings in the Botanist who littered the hallways with miniature banana peels, thank you.

As a Botanist, it's your job to grow stuff for the Chef to keep the crew fed. There are plenty of vegetables to grow, and if you're feeling adventurous, there are some other less edible plants to experiment growing with.

Plants are people too!

For the full chart with plant types, what they look like, and what they do, please check out the Guide to hydroponics.

Fertilizer types

E-Z-Nutriment: Makes your plant mutate once between harvests, resulting in different stats or even species. Does not affect yield.

Left-4-Zed: Makes your plant mutate twice between harvests. Downside: Plants take longer to germinate, and you'll need another fertilizer to actually harvest things.

Robust Harvest: Doubles the amount of plants you'll get when it's time to harvest. Does not affect stats.


Head to the vending machine, get some seeds. There may be hidden seeds in the machine, if you know how to PROPERLY HACK IT, then do so and collect the rewards.

The Chef

Take your vegetables to the chef, then have him cook them up! There are many different foods the chef can make from different foods you grow. Or, as an alternative, have him blend different things for you. Blended foods provide a concentration of various materials that can be separated from nutriment reagents.

Tools of the Trade

You get a few fun tools as a botanist that will make your life so easy when growing plants:

  • Hatchet. It's a rather robust small cutting tool used to murder people make wood planks, pumpkin helmets and corn cob pipes.
  • Cultivator. This one is meant to claw, or perhaps filter, out weeds from the hydroponic trays.
  • Plant-b-Gone Spray bottle. Kill hydroponic plants, kill kudzu weeds, kill alien weeds too, can be filled with other chemicals. Does minor toxin damage, but absolutely devastates Dionaea.
  • Plant analyzer. It tells you basically everything about your plant, including its killing / drugging / healing properties.
  • Backpack irrigation system. Makes watering the plants much less annoying.
  • Buckets, in case you want to water the plants the annoying way. These function as beakers, so you can mix chemicals inside them too.
  • Chemical grinder and a large beaker, so you can extract chemicals from your plants.

There is a crate in the back room. It contains:

  • Another bucket.
  • Wirecutters. To set up a more efficient irrigation system.
  • A wrench. To rearrange the trays.

Little Shop of Horrors


  • Your starting gear is all very distinctive and brightly-colored. Lose it as fast as you can.
  • You're essentially a slow Chemist, if you want to be. Tips on that page apply.
  • Some plants, like Nettles and Death Nettles, make effective weapons on their own
  • Tomatoes can be injected with chems (such as water and potassium from bananas) and will only react when thrown[citation needed]
  • Left 4 Zed and Welder Fuel combine to make Stimm, a ghetto hyperzine that causes slight brute damage.
  • Your room is very public. If you're concerned about what you're growing, try keeping a few trays in a hidden room in Maint.
  • The Chef probably won't notice if you break into the freezer to borrow the ChemMaster

Gimmicks: Like most Civilian jobs, Botany is a fairly unassuming job. You can help strengthen that perception by growing lots of flowers, wearing them in your hair, and generally acting like a sweet hippie. Meanwhile, your workplace can be among the most dangerous places on the station. Most enterprising criminal Botanists will settle for growing massive amounts of Reishi and getting baked, but the chems in Botany's starting plants are already quite deadly, not to mention the effects you can get from dabbling in a little Xenobotany. A Botany-powered serial killer could prove to be an extremely memorable antag. You can refine a variety of drugs from your plants and go into the drug trade; there's Reishi, and then there's Concentrated Space Drugs. If you get Robotics to hit you up with a farmbot, you won't even have to stop growing while you break into the vault with homegrown Thermite or sneak Polynitric Acid into the Captain's coffee.

Jobs on Polaris

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