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Humans are a space-faring species hailing originally from the planet Earth in the Sol system. They are currently among the most numerous known species in the galaxy, in both population and holdings, and are relatively technologically advanced. With good healthcare and a reasonable lifestyle, they can live to around 110 years. The oldest humans are around 150 years old.

Humanity is the primary driving force for rapid space expansion, owing to their strong, expansionist central government and opportunistic Trans-Stellar Corporations. The prejudices of the 21st century have mostly given way to bitter divides on the most important issue of the times– technological expansionism, with the major human factions squabbling over their approach to technology in the face of a looming singularity.

While most humans have accepted the existence of aliens in their communities and workplaces as a fact of life, exceptions abound. While more culturally diverse than most species, humans are generally regarded as somewhat technophobic and isolationist by members of other species.

See also: Human and Positronic History


  • Humans have their own language, Sol Common, which you can speak by typing say #1.
  • Due to how most technology in human-controlled space was made for humans in mind, they can wear most clothing, and even wear specialized space suits designed for other species.
  • Humans have no species wide restriction on diet, where as other species might (Skrell can't eat meat, for example).
  • Humans are not barred from certain jobs, such as Heads of Staff or Internal Affairs, as the corporation is a human one, afterall.



Humanity currently holds a vast swath of territory, due to rapid colonialism and an ever-growing need for more resources. They are larger than the Tajaran, likely smaller than the Unathi, and approximately equal to the Skrellian Inner Kingdoms.

The Core Worlds

The Core Worlds were the first worlds to be colonized. They are generally densely populated, well-protected, prosperous, and favor the bioconservative Icarus Front.

The Golden Crescent

The Golden Crescent is the cosmopolitan region where Polaris is set. The Crescent has more aliens per capita than nearly anywhere else, making it a popular destination for those who wish to start a new life for themselves. Those in the Crescent tend to favor the liberal Shadow Coalition, but support for alternative parties remains high.

The Sagittarius Heights

The Sagittarius Heights form humanity's border with the Skrell, and prosper from the trade between the two civilizations. It is a place of contrast, with newly-rich factory owners and trade moguls but also overworked and underappreciated miners and craftsmen. Skrellian influence has lead the Shadow Coalition to dominate this region's politics.

The Bowl

The Bowl remains underdeveloped despite having been part of human territory for centuries. The people of the region are individualistic, proud, and resentful of the aliens and positronics they view as having caused the region's neglect. Organized crime is a fact of life in the Bowl. They tend to vote with the capitalist Sol Economic Organization, more out of resentment for the other parties' clear Core System bias than out of an enduring love for the free market.

The Precursors' Crypt

Fewer people live in the Crypt than in any other major region of human space due to its lack of resources. However, a treasure trove of xenoarchaeological artefacts forms the foundation for the Crypt's economy-- it is, for good reason, stereotyped as being full of scientists, museum curators, and accountants. Fear of invasion by the Unathi and their comparative prosperity leads many in the Crypt to support the Sol Economic Organization.

The Crypt gave rise to Casini's Reach and New Kyoto, but these systems are no longer part of Sol and are not considered part of the Crypt.

The Almach Rim

The Almach Rim, isolated from the rest of human society, quickly took on a transhumanist, technology-loving, and anti-government bent due to the influence of Shelf. In early 2562, these ideals, and the tension they causes between the Rim and the rest of humanity, lead to the secession of the Almach Association, which now controls this region in its entirety.

Other Systems

Some frontier systems fall outside of identified cultural regions.


The Solar Confederate Government, aka SolGov, acts as humanity's representative. As of 2575, there are no ongoing wars between SolGov and any known sapient species, although Sol-Moghes tensions run high and Vox raiders remain a nuisance. Humanity is, however, engaged in a bitter civil war, with the Almach Association and SolGov both attempting to maintain control of the Almach Rim.

The Skrell are humanity's oldest contact and closest allies, with free migration between the two species' space and a great deal of cultural interchange. However, some on both sides accuse the other species of tampering with their own natural growth and development, and many libertarian humans loathe the caste-based monarchy of the Skrell.

Humanity is still licking their wounds after their war with the Unathi, and despite their victory still regard Moghes with a good deal of fear. Efforts on both sides of the border to ease tensions have not prevented the occasional wave of xenophobic violence.

The Unathi's vassals, the Zaddat, are viewed with a mixture of resentment and pity. While some would love nothing more than to break the hold the Unathi have over the hardsuited race, others decry them as spies and parasites, not without good cause. Regardless of public opinion, various human corporations have seen the utility of an entire race of poorly-paid technical experts as migrant workers.

The Tajaran were lifted into the FTL age by human intervention, a fact neither is likely to forget. Humanity bears over the Tajaran and freely exploit migrant labor, while they look upon their uplifters with a mix of gratitude and wounded pride.

Like most races, humanity views the Dionaea as curiosities and little else, given their disinterest in the ways of other sapients.

The Teshari are a rarity outside of Skrell space and a negligible presence on the astropolitical landscape. The average human accepts the Skrell's paternalistic view of the Teshari as fact.

Humanity revived the positronic brains, reworking them in their own image and making them a race of servants. Aside from the rare positronic-majority or all-human system, positronics make up a sizable minority throughout all of human space, especially in the middle and rim systems. Relations between the two are marred by their history of enslavement and the continued discrimination positronics face throughout the galaxy.

Individually, while humans may vary widely on how they feel of the other known species, centuries of cultural xenophobia often prove difficult to shake.

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