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SS13 is likely one of the most complicated games you will play, especially on Polaris. As such, reading these guides might prove to be very helpful.

Starting Guides

If you're completely new to the server, we suggest reading these first, especially the rules page.


Medical can be very difficult due to the complexity of the health system, and so is recommended to read these first.


Engineering can demand a lot of mechanical knowledge, as they are asked with building, deconstructing, and maintaining the hundreds of machines that exist in the game.


On paper, the Security Department does not require a lot of mechanical knowledge of the game (except perhaps for knowing the basics of fighting), but Security does interact with other people a lot, and so isn't recommended to brand new players.


The Research department is not strictly vital to the station (except perhaps Robotics), however the mechanics can be complex. Fortunately these guides can help with that.


Supply jobs are fairly laid back, and are recommended as a starting point for new players.


Civilian jobs are also laid back and generally not vital to the station, and are recommended for new players.


Command jobs (Station Director, Head of Personnel, etc) are in charge of other people, and for departmental leaders (e.g. Chief Engineer), they are expected to be an expert, or at least know a lot about the department they're leading.


It is highly recommended to play the game for awhile before choosing to become an antagonist, since it is quite difficult.


These guides apply to several departments, or are otherwise useful for general crew.

Staff Guides

Development Guides