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Space is a dangerous place. Going into space unprepared is generally lethal to the intrepid space explorer. This guide will (hopefully) prepare you to survive a trip outside the station walls.

Dangers of Space

Ignoring the occasional carp, drone, and meteor swarm, space is still a very dangerous place. The lack of breathable air is notable, as is the lack of pressure, and in some cases the cold. To prevent that, two things are needed: A personal air supply (hereafter called Internals) for breathing, and a spacesuit, which protects you from low pressure and extreme cold.


Internals refer to an air supply that doesn't draw from the environment, and a mask to get that air supply into one's lungs. Non-Diona should spawn with a box (sometimes called the internals box) that has a small blue tank and a mask in it. To set your internals up, place the mask in your face slot, and the tank somewhere on your belt or pockets. Then, click the icon above your health indicator, which will switch from blue to green. You are now running on internals. It isn't wise to go about with your internals on unless you really need them, and the small blue can doesn't hold very much air, so use it sparingly. There are other air tanks available, most commonly a large blue tank that fits in the back or suit storage slot, that hold more air, which are more useful for prolonged EVA.

Suit Coolers

Suit coolers are the Synthetic or FBP version of internals. They may not need to breathe, but the lack of air in space causes them to overheat, unless one of these objects is in use. The Portable Suit Cooling Unit (its technical name) fits in the suit storage or back slots, much like the large oxygen tank. To activate the suit cooler, either click it in-hand, or click the suit cooler button in your top icon bar. Do note that the default battery in the suit cooler runs out very quickly. To replace or recharge it, use a screwdriver on the suit cooler, then click it in hand to remove the battery. To replace the battery, click the suit cooler with the battery, then use a crowbar to close the unit.

Space Suits

There are three categories of space suit in game. Soft suits, voidsuits, and hardsuits, aka RIGs. To be space capable in a soft or voidsuit, the suit and helmet must be in your Suit and Head slots. RIGs take up your back slot, and need to be deployed into other slots to be useful.

Soft Suits

The most basic form of space suit, these usually inhibit movement, breach easily, and provide no armor. The orange suits found in emergency closets are a soft suit.


Voidsuits are an improved type of space suit. They tend to be somewhat less slow, take more damage before depressurizing, and often provide at least some armor. Voidsuits are mostly stored in EVA, and need to be tailored to a species' form to be wearable. This is done by putting the suit and helmet in an unlocked Suit Cycler, changing the customization option to your species, and pressing apply customization.


Additionally, voidsuits are semi-modular, in that you can attach certain items to them, by clicking said item on the voidsuit. To remove an item, use a screwdriver on the voidsuit. Note that you cannot modify a voidsuit while it is equipped, in hand, or otherwise on your person; the voidsuit must be on the ground to attach or remove times. This process is convenient, in that you can combine your most useful EVA items into one single one, that deploys the associated pieces when you equip the voidsuit itself. Currently you can attach voidsuit helmets, magboots, and oxygen tanks or suit coolers to the voidsuit proper. While wearing the voidsuit, you can right click the item to display a pair of notable options. As a word of warning, **Don't Use These In Space.** One is Toggle Helmet, which causes the attached helmet to retract into the suit, exposing your character's head. Useful for roleplay, not for vacuum. The other option is Eject Voidsuit Tank/Cooler, which ejects whatever tank or suit cooler you have attached to the suit. Seeing as you're probably relying on at least one of those to survive, hitting that button while EVA is usually a bad idea. It is, however, useful for replacing your tank if you don't have access to a screwdriver.


Hardsuits are the most advanced form of space protection, usually. Every suit is different, but the vast majority are in fact space proof. The main part of the suit is the RIG backpack or module, which takes up your back slot. This takes a few seconds, and should open up a another tab on the right side of your screen, called Hardsuit. As can be imagined, this tab relates to the hardsuit that is on your back. There should be a button on this menu called "Toggle Hardsuit". Pressing this button will cause your hardsuit to deploy, assuming all of the pieces are able to fill the slots they need. Every hardsuit is different, but the usual minimum requirement is an open Suit and Head slot. Many also require that you are not wearing gloves. If the suit is able to deploy all the parts, it will attempt to seal them. This takes a few moments, during which you must remain still. Once this is complete, the suit should be space capable. You can stow any part of the suit other than the backpack by pressing the corresponding "Toggle [part]" button on the hardsuit panel, and rapidly redeploy them by pressing "Deploy Hardsuit". However, once the hardsuit is sealed, you need to press "Toggle Hardsuit" again and wait, before you can remove the backpack. Many, if not all, hardsuits have an inbuilt air tank, which can be used for internals. There are frequently other functions that a hardsuit has, called Modules. To activate a module, select "Engage Module" from the Hardsuit tab; this pulls up a list of modules that can be activate. Be careful with your use, though, some modules drain your suit's battery or air tank with use.

Other Useful Items


Magnetic Boots
Magnetic Boots
Found in: Engineering, EVA storage
Used for: Preventing you from moving unintentionally in space
Strategy: Make sure you toggle them on via the object tab for them to work. Prevents unintentional movement whilst EVA and slows you down greatly for careful, deliberate movement
Magboots are a pair of shoes that can be activated to stop you from slipping, which is useful in space. If you set up your voidsuit with a pair of magboots, or are wearing one of the hardsuits that includes them, they should deploy over your regular shoes. To activate your magboots, click the button in the toolbar at the top left corner of your screen. While on, the magboot icon should have a green light instead of a red light, and you will move much more slowly, but it will prevent you from slipping into space, as long as you remain within 1 tile of a tile other than space (floors, walls, metal rods placed as lattices, etc).

Found in: EVA
Used for: Propelling yourself in space
Strategy: Put it on your back and switch it on to maneuver in space or low-gravity areas.
Jetpacks are semi-uncommon items that go on your back, and are useful for travelling in space. Clicking the button in the top-left turns the jetpack on. In this state, moving into space sends you forward until you hit something, or select a new direction. By right clicking the jetpack and selecting "Toggle Jetpack Stabilization", you will stop in place once you let go of the movement key. This is a good way to not fly off into space.

For proper use of a jetpack, remember these simple rules:

  • Jetpack-black.gif Black jetpacks are filled with carbon dioxide by default. Using these jetpacks as internals will knock you unconscious and suffocate you.
  • Refill Jetpack.gif blue jetpacks with oxygen, not air (if you wish to use it for your internals, otherwise fill with any gas).
  • Always set it to 16-25 pressure if you aren't using the emergency mask from your starting box. If you still have that, hurry up and find something else!
  • Always toggle it on when you want to move or need to move quickly, but toggle stabilization off if you're just drifting so as to not waste your supply and remain untrackable.

Most jetpacks are too bulky to be stowed in a backpack.