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This page is intended to give a clearer idea of what should be considered "canon" as it concerns to events on the SS13 Polaris Server.

Always Canon

  • Anything on the wiki, pertaining to lore. Note: The wiki is always being worked on. If something seems off or inconsistent, ask staff about it.
  • Anything in the in-game lore books.
  • The events of the round going on, until it ends, barring admin intervention.

Assumed Canon

These should be considered canon by default UNLESS all parties involved agree to void it.

  • Non-Antag based interactions between characters.
    • This includes hostile actions as a non-antagonists, such as bar fights and unfair treatment IC.

If you believe you are being treated unfairly out-of-character by another party, please bring this up with staff as meta-grudging is against the rules.

Assumed Non-Canon

  • Character deaths, unless agreed upon by involved parties.
  • Catastrophic events such as supermatter delamination and severe accidental injury. If you choose to canonize this type of event, you should "tone it back", e.g. you caused a major equipment failure rather than destroying the entire station/department.

Never Canon

  • Antagonist activity. You may adjust your story to be about something similar, if necessary, but names, dates, and exact events need to be obfuscated. Be reasonable with this, as per the below note on our system being safe. Dying once to an airlock failure makes sense, dying a dozen times in various shootouts is questionable.
    • Most antagonists are non-canon entirely. Traitors, Mercs, and Raiders are notable exceptions.
  • As stated above, the station being totally destroyed or rendered unusable even by non-antagonist/accidental means is never canon.
  • Any event from any other server that conflicts with our lore, regardless of its connection to Polaris.
  • Any event run by admins that isn’t specifically added to the lore. Such events will be referred to as "canon events", with the understanding that regular events are almost never canon.

Sometimes Canon

  • Certain things regarding the surface of Sif, within reason. Climate, native life, and the general layout of the outposts are fine. The contents and enemies in any given PoI are not.

Canon Events

The Lore and Events team semi-frequently runs events relating to ongoing plotlines, where players are given a chance to influence however slightly the course of history. These events are specifically labeled as canon events and their repercussions are usually outlined in a news article released after the event is over. The events of these rounds are canon and characters may freely reference them having occurred on the station. Players may wish to take extra care during these events as characters may face consequences for extreme deliberate actions. Griefers, major bugs, and other immersion-breaking events are not canon.

In a nutshell: if someone gets killed in a canon event and then shows up the next day, don't harass them over it.


The system our game takes place in is a relatively quiet place, and is a safe place to work and live. Think carefully before making violent events canon.