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What Is It?

Grayson is the largest bulk parts supplier in SolGov space, with significant secondary interests in mining. While unable to obtain total market dominance owing to the ease of setting up competing operations, Grayson’s vertical integration of the market gives them a competitive edge, frequently building factories on the same asteroids they mine out. Many other TSCs have Grayson parts at the beginning of their chain of supply.


Grayson is a new entrant into the prosthetics market. Their debut line is a rugged design built using polymers and alloys originally developed for Wulf Aeronautics, giving their parts a reputation for extremely solid construction. Unfortunately, the use of high-density materials in the construction process gives them an uncomfortable weight, something that Grayson has promised to correct in their next release. The parts are fairly cheap, but require a robotics specialist to put them together by hand before they're ready for use.

Grayson parts are appropriate for characters of any income class, so long as they are willing to deal with the design's unwieldiness. This makes them most popular for those involved in construction or other manual labor, and some in police and private security have taken to using Grayson as a "discount Hephaestus".

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