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The Galactic Autonomy Party is the newest major party in the Colonial Assembly, formed in the aftermath of the Skathari Incursion after a schism in the Sol Economic Organization, and gained a number of defectors from other parties. The party's main focus is on increased autonomy for SolGov member states in legal and economic matters, which has garnered the full backing of almost every major Trans-Stellar Corporation, to the deteriment of the SEO. The party's greatest achievement has been their instrumental part in the formation of SolGov's semi-autonomous Regional Blocs. Besides local autonomy, the party has gained popularity for its support of deregulation in the gene modification and cybernetics industries in particular, which some see as a positive step towards personal freedom of expression and medical autonomy, though at the cost of greater corporate influence over daily life.


The GAP was formed in 2571 in response to SolGov's inability to effectively respond to rapid, constantly moving Skathari threats during the Incursions beginning 2566, championing widespread calls for greater local and regional autonomy and reduced contributions to SCG efforts that many nations felt did not serve them when they were most needed. The party consists of mostly former SEO representatives who switched affiliation at its formation, though it also attracted support from autonomist members of the other major parties, and came to incorporate some minor local multinationalist groups such as the Sif Independence Front, and the short-lived Solar Sovereignty Party.

Modern Times

Who Supports Them?

  • People from humanity's rimworlds, particularly those underserved during the Skathari Incursion such as Nyx
  • Radical supporters of transformative tech such as cybernetic and genetic enhancement
  • Trans-Stellar employees, especially new positronics
  • The rich
  • People who oppose the hegemony of SolGov
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