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What is SS13?

Space Station 13 is a 2D multiplayer game, made on the BYOND engine. At a glance it looks like crap, but give it a few rounds and you'll realize just how frustratingly fun it can be.

Note that there are many different kinds of servers for SS13. This wiki describes the Polaris server. If you are not planning to play on Polaris, you might want to seek out your server's documentation.

I'm new, where do I learn how to play?

Check out the Tutorial.

What does this word mean?

Check the Terminology, you might find it there.

I've read all the tutorials but I don't know how to...

If it's something job specific you should check the Jobs page, if it's something about game modes (Traitor, Technomancer, Cult), see the Game Modes page, otherwise do a search on the wiki.

If you're smart and have already done all of those before coming here, then just adminhelp (press F1 or just type 'adminhelp' and your message) it in-game. Simply click the on adminhelp where the verbs are listed or type it into the text box in the bottom, click it and write the question in there. Try to be polite, it doesn't hurt anyone.

I'm dragging something, how do I stop?

Control-click on it to start or stop dragging, or click the 'stop pulling' button located on the bottom right of the HUD.

How do I give an item to someone?

You can use the give verb, by typing it in the chatlog. The other player needs to accept in order to do so.

How do I take an item off of someone

Click-drag their sprite onto yours, and a new window should open up. Click the items you want to remove. Note that stealing an AFK player's stuff is generally against the rules, so be careful.

How do I leave the round?

The best way to leave is to go to the Gateway, Residential Elevator, or to Cryogenic Storage. Simply right click on the relevant machine, select the command to go inside, and then use the 'Ghost command, and hit yes.

On other servers, you might be told to type in Suicide, however that will not work on Polaris, and you should refrain from deliberately harming yourself.

How do I eat something

Click on the piece of food with an empty hand to pick it up, then click on your character. Make sure you are not wearing a mask or helmet that covers the face.

How do I buckle/unbuckle from a chair?

To buckle you or someone else to a chair, click-drag their character to the chair. To unbuckle, click the chair they are buckled to.

Why can't I play as some jobs?

New players are forbidden from taking jobs with are vital to normal round progression until they've been on the server for long enough. This is to avoid an inexperienced player choosing to be the Captain or AI and messing up the round for everyone.