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The Five Arrows is an independent human governmental entity consisting of five star systems which seceeded from the Solar Confederate Government in 2570, following perceived failures following the Skathari Incursion. They were later joined by a remote Skrell colony world seeking better regional protection. The formation of this state led to the creation of the SCG's Regional Blocs in an effort to prevent additional secessions.

Government and Population

Consisting of six star systems with New Seoul acting as the capital, the Five Arrows follows a similar democratic confederation structure to the SCG, and are not wholly dissimilar to the Regional Blocs that it formed the model for. Member systems enjoy close trade and defensive relations with one another, working closely to fend of threats from skathari and Ue-Katish pirates that plague the area following the renewed independence of nearby Natuna.

Consisting of most of the Sagittarius Heights region, the systems of the Five Arrows are quite wealthy, with a strong self-sufficient internal economy. The population is historically disproportionately of South/East Asian descent, with a high population of skrell compared to much of human space. The incorporation of the Kauq'xum in 2572 makes the Five Arrows the first fully independent body containing systems originally colonized by both humans and skrell.

A relatively large upper-middle class population and Skrell influence means that genetic modifications such as those offered by Kaleidoscope Cosmetics are a thriving market.

Member Systems

Current members of the Five Arrows are:

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