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This page is about the habitat in Kess-Gendar, for the habitat in Alpha Centauri, see Heaven

Name Elysium
Class Standford Torus
Owner Kessan Confederation
Constructed 2313 - 2330
Parent Body Gendar-Kessan barycenter
Purpose Governmental Administration

Situated at the barycenter of Gendar and Kess' binary orbits, Elysium is the hub of the Kessan Confederation, where representatives of the Nisp Planetary Council, Kessan Republic, and Gendar Assembly perform formal negotiations and pass system-wide legislation.


Elysium is a torus about 1.5km in diameter, designed to sustain a maintenance crew of around 200, up to 500 service staff, and up to 300 government officials. As with most torii, there is a spaceport at the center of the torus, with 6 elevator cables extending outwards into the main construction. One elevator is used exclusively by maintenance staff, and goes to the engineering section, where the engine and atmospheric systems are isolated from the rest of the station. Several decks are used for hydroponics, giving a small degree of sustainability to the station as a whole.


While some food is grown on the station, most of it is imported, along with supplies of deuterium to fuel the fusion reactor that powers the station.


~550 to 1'000: 97% Human, 2% Positronic, 1% Skrell 200 Maintenance Crew, 250-500 Service Crew, 100-300 Government Officials


See Kess-Gendar

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