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Many of the largest higher education organizations in the galaxy are run either wholly by, or with the backing of one or more Trans-Stellar Corporations, with a focus on educating future employees to enter immediately into employment contracts, and/or providing those companies with a permanent base of semi-independent research. Publically owned institutions are also common, and SolGov attempts to maintain an exhaustive list of the myriad of qualifications and degrees offered by disparate polities and their relative "values", though every employer tends to have their own biases towards particular awarding agencies. As has been the case throughout history, the quality, focus, and ethics of educational institutions vary immensely.

This page is intended to illustrate a representative selection of institutions, and some of the galaxy's most prestigious alma mater, and is by no means an exhaustive list.


New Rejkjavik Technicial Institute

Sif's premiere technical institute.


"Old World" Universities

Many of the centuries-old institutions of Earth survive to this day. Though some have unified under umbrella organizations, many of these retain their original campus names - or derivatives - for the purposes of historical prestige and its associated inflated tuition costs, even when there is no genuine continuity in their operations. Many of these universities offer what are still considered the top humanities programs in human space.

At peak of ease of travel in the 2550s a number of top Earth universities even operated out-of-system campuses on some of humanity's most populous worlds, in addition to the fairly standard practice of specialist departmental locations throughout the Sol system.

Mojave University

Founded in 2408 by the California government and operated as a public entity, Mojave University is one of Earth's largest vocational colleges. The college was created as part of a local effort to provide (relatively) low cost education to the people on Earth following a centuries-long trend of lower income residents of the planet being priced out of higher education. In international terms the college is still prohibitively expensive to most, compounded by inflated fees levied on off-world students.

Tharsis University

Located on Mars, Tharsis is one of the earliest academic institutions to be established outside of Earth. The university is renowned for its electronic and mechatronic engineering departments, and sees sizable research grants from Xion Manufacturing and Ward-Takahashi, who operate many of their own facilities in the city and employee many fresh graduates.

Mariner University

Headquartered in Persephone, Venus and with campuses on Titan. Mariner University is a research university renowned for its natural science programs, particularly Botany, Climatology and Atmospherics, which are considered some of the very best available in Sol.

New Seoul

New Seoul Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

The New Seoul Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (NSAIST) is a medical research university located on New Seoul. It is a private university funded by tuition and research grants, as well as generous donations from the wealthy elite across the Five Arrows.

NSAIST consists of multiple colleges and numerous degree fields, ranging from the technical certification level all the way to PhD and continuing education. Notable programs include genetics, virology, xenobiology, health science, and biomechanical engineering. Lower end certification programs include topics like phlebotomy, first-aid, anaesthesiology, and prosthetic repair.

Unusually, most classes are offered in both Galactic and Skrellian Common due to the large population of Skrell in Five Arrows territory. Prior to the Skathari Incursion the university offered a large number of remote and correspondance classes for many of its programs, but due to the increasingly expensive and delayed nature of data transmission over interstellar distances, most are now only realistically available to those located within the Sagittarius Heights region.

The university maintains a healthy working relationship with biomedical TSC's, most notably Kaleidoscope Cosmetics, who have pushed for the expansion of the College of Genetics in recent years in return for first pick in recruiting newly minted promising PhD students. Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, Vey-Med, and Morpheus Cyberkinetics are all associated with the university to a lesser extent, promising research grant funding in exchange for patent rights from their pet researchers.

Tau Ceti

Ceti Technical Institute

CTI is the leading applied sciences institute on Binma. Its blue supernova emblem is a common sight on merchandise items sold throughout the galaxy, regardless of the owners' actual alma mater.

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