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Synthetic is an umbrella term for robotic entities. Synthetics can be divided into three broad categories, Cyborgs, Positronics, and Drones, and can inhabit different kinds of shells, such as a Full Body Prosthetic, a Bound Chassis, or even an AI core.

Synthetic Minds


A Cyborg is an originally organic being composed of largely cybernetic parts. As a brain preserved in an MMI, they may inhabit an expensive humanoid chassis, a specially designed industrial shell of some sort, or be integrated into a computer system as an AI. The term covers all species (even, in some cases, animal brains) and all applications. It can also be used somewhat derogatorily for those who are still have more organic parts than just their brains, but for example have a full set of prosthetic limbs. Cyborgs retain the full rights they've enjoyed as whatever species they were previously.


Positronic brains are complex sentient and sapient lifeforms capable of expressing emotion and exercising free will in the same manner as most known organic species. As such, they have their own detailed page.


A drone is a software-based artificial intelligence, generally about an order of magnitude less intelligent than a positronic brain. However, the processing power available to a drone can vary wildly, from cleaning bots barely more advanced than those from the 21st century to cutting-edge supercomputers capable of complex conversation. All Drones are legally objects in all major nations except the Almach Protectorate, and the sapience of even the most advanced drones is a matter of speculation.

Synthetic Bodies

Full Body Prosthetic

Full Body Prosthesis, often shortened to FBPs, are (generally) expensive shells that retains a large amount of functionality enjoyed by humanoids, such as being able to grasp things designed for humans, and being able to wear clothing.

Some FBPs are described as being an Android or Gynoid, which describes that an FBP has some physical characteristics of a male or female humanoid.

Bound Robot

These shells have a much more limited set of abilities, but come with modules, which contain many inbuilt tools and devices. They also have all access to the station's systems, but are both bound to a Lawset, and slaved to an AI. These restrictions are governed by a low-class, but malleable drone intelligence, and are only in effect for the shift if the synthetic is an MMI or Positronic whom passed their Jans-Fhriede Test, otherwise the restrictions stay indefinitely, generally for Drone intelligences or Positronics whom have yet to pass their test.

AI Core

A few synthetics may elect to be placed inside, or were designed to be placed inside, an AI core. Similar to Bound Robots, AIs are bound by a Lawset and low-class, but malleable drone intelligence, however they are able to command the robots slaved to themselves, if any exist.


Organic? Intelligent? Sapient Rights? Common Names: Can Have a Humanoid Chassis
Positronic No Yes Yes Posi, Robot Yes
Cyborg Yes Yes, unless an animal brain Yes, unless an animal brain Borg Yes, unless an animal brain
Drone No Debatable, generally no No Bot, AI Yes, but rare
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