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Command Secretary
Access: The Bridge
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Very hard
Supervisors: The Heads of Staff
Duties: Send and receive faxes. Fetch coffee. Suck up to the boss. Rock a suit.
Guides: Guide to Paperwork, SOP
Quote: And you wanted two scoops of sugar in yours?

The Command Secretary is lower-importance than any other job in Command. You only have access to the bridge and the fax machines, and in a crisis situation you'll be expected to communicate with CentCom while the heads do the work of protecting and fixing the station. Outside of a crisis, you help command with whatever they need, which usually means filling out their paperwork and getting them snacks, if they even remember you exist.

Required knowledge: How to work the fax machine. Know the Standard Operating Procedure.
Round-start to-do list: Remind the command staff that you exist.
Main tasks: Send messages to CentCom.
Main problems: You have no access or respect.
Bare minimum requirements: Don't get arrested for trespassing.


The Fax Machine

This is your workhorse, the sole thing that sets you apart from the common Assistant (other than your nice suit and bank account). There's one fax machine found in the Meeting Room on the Bridge (which also passes for your office) and another in most Heads' offices and the Vacant Office. To use, just draft up paperwork with a pen and paper, insert it into the machine, swipe your ID for authentication, and choose a destination!

If you fax CentCom a note scrawled in crayon asking for a party crate, the only way they'll react is by laughing at your face. At the bare minimum, try to make your paperwork look nice and official, either through the templates in Guide to Paperwork or through your own templates. Remember that you don't have any real authority on the station-- whenever possible, try and get a relevant Head of Staff's signature or stamp on your documents before they get sent out.

Fax Recipients

The fax machine can send to any other fax machine on the station, which is of dubious utility considering that you also have the Command channel on your radio. More often than not, you'll be faxing either CentCom or SifGov.

CentCom is Nanotrasen Central Command, based mostly in the NCS Northern Star with offices in the Vir Interstellar Spaceport. They're concerned with maintaining Nanotrasen's PR and profitability by papering over problems as quickly as possible. Plainly, they're penny-pinching bureaucrats. However, CentCom, being in charge of station supply, is who to fax for unusual equipment (such as spare slime tasers in case of a horrible xenobiology accident.)

SifGov is the local government, with authority over criminal law. Mostly, you'll be faxing them reports if someone is arrested for a high crime (this is technically the HoS's job, but they'll be happy to delegate it to you). They're also who to fax if the situation aboard the station gets bad enough to need actual military response, but don't expect much; they move at the speed of government.

Nanotrasen recommends keeping incidents involving potentially dangerous technologies purely in-house for PR reasons. If for some reason you need to publicly expose corruption in NT, you can fax SifGov, but Nanotrasen will not be happy about it.

Running Errands

Aside from manning the Fax Machine, try and make yourself handy! You're basically an Assistant with Bridge access, so offering to ferry things between departments is a good use of your time. Offer to bring lockboxes from R&D to the HoS to unlock! Help the HoP distribute improved access by moving around ID cards! A good Command Secretary can make the life of the Command Staff much smoother and more convenient.

Traitor Secretary




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