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The Colonial Assembly is the legislative branch of the Solar Confederate Government. It is composed of elected representatives from SolGov's member states and is in turn responsible for the election of the government's executive and judicial branches, as such making it the overall ruling body for the entire government.


The Colonial Assembly is responsible for the proposal, discussion, and voting on of laws and decisions that will effect the Confederation, and has considerable sway over the general attitudes of the executive and judicial branches due to its role in appointing those positions.

There is no single "Head of State" in charge of the Colonial Assembly, instead the majority leader acts as the Speaker of the Assembly, with other party leaders representing their individual parties' perspectives. Party leaders are chosen by current sitting members of that party in the Assembly. Human representation in international affairs is performed by a Foreign Secretary, also elected by the Assembly.


Each SolGov member state is granted a minimum of one representative seat in the Colonial Assembly, with the first seat typically being held by the nation's head of state - often a governor. Additional seats are assigned to Representatives elected by the people of their state, each granting an additional vote in the Assembly on Confederate matters.

The number of seats assigned to each nation is determined by the Committee of Colonial Representation - who are also responsible for determining initial membership status - a regulatory body consisting of one delegate from each member state in order to prevent bias from more influential states, such as those in the Core Worlds. Despite this, the Core tends to have a somewhat disproportionate number of votes in the Assembly due to its longer tenure.

Some growing colonies such as Raphael have found it advantageous to split into several closely-aligned "states" upon reaching a sizable population, though these newly formed states must independently apply for SolGov membership status in an effort to avoid abuse of the system.

A representative holds office for a 2 year term before they must run for re-election. There are no term limits imposed on a Confederate level, though nations may choose to impose their own.

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