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A Changeling is an alien creature that is intelligent and able to morph into humanoids. Changelings are solitary hunters, but may form short-lived alliances with other Changelings, to serve their interests. The main weapons of the Changeling are its ability to internally synthesize dangerous chemicals, morph into other creatures that it has absorbed, and blend in with humanity and friends.


The Changeling is versatile, being able to become masters of stealth, with the ability to cloak, morph their voices, their clothes, and their appearance at will, as well as being able to spread discord among settlements and stations undetected.

Changelings can also become deadly in combat, with instant access to weaponry and armor from their own bodies, rapid healing of their wounds, debilitating strings, and the ability to revive from death.

So little is known about Changelings, that their existence is considered a myth, which just highlights how potent and scary they are.

The Thing From Spaaaaaaaace

A Changeling has killed or indisposed a crew member and replaced it before they arrived to the colony. It had time to "familiarize" itself with the ins and outs of its primary victim's identity. '

Changelings can communicate with one another using 'say #g' before their speech.

DNA Absorption

Changelings can absorb the DNA of most other living and deceased entities. This grants them the DNA of the person they just absorbed, allowing them to impersonate them. It also grants them the ability to reset their evolutions and receive a refund, allowing them to re-specialize (hence it's generally referred to as 'respecing'). This ability can only be used once, until the changeling absorbs another entity.

If a changeling absorbs another changeling, they will also gain that changeling's evolution points, allowing them to purchase more powers and become stronger. Be careful of who you trust.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT absorb AFK/SSD players.

Changelings absorbing their victim require a firm grip on them, and a little bit of time as it stabs the victim with its appendage till it has all of the DNA drained. A firm grip can be attained by grabbing someone repeatedly until you're holding them by the neck, then double-clicking the KILL button that appears in your active hand in your HUD so that it is flashing red.


  • Absorbing a victim will fill your chemical storage, gives you their DNA, and gives you the chance to respec.
  • Absorbing another changeling steals all of their evolution points.


The Changeling can shift its appearance, making them look, and sound, exactly like a victim of which they have absorbed. This is a massive compromise in security, especially if command staff are absorbed.

Changelings don't require absorbing someone to impersonate them, as they can obtain DNA in other ways.


Also known as Regenerative Stasis, Changelings have the ability to 'kill' themselves, and appear dead for a few minutes. After this period is over, the changeling can choose to revive, fully healed of all injuries and illness.

This makes them nigh-unkillable, as they can fully regenerate themselves -even from death- if their bodies are intact. Spaced Changelings will also eventually make it back on station given enough time. The only way to permanently deal with a changeling is to decapitate it, gib it or cremate it in the chapel.


The changeling's objective, as with all other antag types, is determined by the player of the changeling. Changelings are very adaptable, being able to specialize in stealth, robusting, regeneration, survival, and more, which makes them suitable for a wide range of potential plans. The best part is, if one plan doesn't work out, the changeling can re-specialize and try something else, assuming they can absorb something (monkeys are good for this).

Changelings can communicate with other changelings silently and remotely, by using **#g**. They're not obligated to assist one another, but a group of changelings working together is something to be feared.

Who Do I Absorb?

Out of Character: In general terms, it is considered the worst form possible to absorb sleeping crewmembers in the dormitories, or players who have been AFK for some amount of time. Doing either of these will most likely be met with a changeling ban. "Safe" targets would be players that you have somehow lured, or captured, through role-playing.

Betrayal may also be in your best interests, as successfully absorbing another changeling will give you five more evolution points to spend, allowing you to become stronger.

Also note that you're not required to absorb anyone, as DNA can be obtained by using Extract DNA Sting or shared by other Changelings.

Chemical Warfare

The changeling possesses other dangerous abilities including precooked stinger abilities, which it can fire out of a crafted dart at a moments notice! Their stored chemicals regenerate at a fixed rate.

Changelings start with 5 evolution points. They get 5 more for each Changeling absorbed.

Note that changelings are immune to each others' stings. If you try to sting someone and they don't react, THEY'RE ONE TOO!


Changelings are able to consciously evolve their bodies in a manner of seconds, being able to specialize themselves to do specific tasks. All the changeling's abilities can be categorized into three separate fields, to make their function more obvious. These categories don't actually exist mechanically.


To defend ourselves from threats.

Ability Name Evolution Point Cost Chemical Cost Description
Absorb 0 0 Absorbs whoever we have in our grasp, killing them and absorbing their DNA. Absorbing someone will take a long time, and we must be strangling someone to absorb them. When we successfully absorb something, we gain the ability to revert all of our evolutions and redistribute our evolution points. Absorbing people does not give us more evolution points, unless they were also a changeling!
Cryosting 1 20 Injects the target with a potent cocktail of chemicals that will result in hypothermia. This can be used to slow someone down as we attack them.
Delayed Toxic Sting 1 20 Injects a potent toxic chemical that will cause a moderate amount of tox damage to the target after a few minutes have past since the injection. Ideal for having someone leave their post to go to medical, without implicating ourselves.
Enfeebling Sting 1 30 Injects a debilitating mixture of chemicals that makes the target exhausted and weak, reducing their maximum health to 70 %, which makes them easier to disable or kill. The effect will wear off in a few minutes after injection.
Boost Range 1 10 Our next string will have a maximum range of two tiles, instead of one.
Arm Blade 2 20 We grow a very sharp blade onto our arm, which we can use to slice up the crew. It's as powerful as an energy sword, with the added benefit of ensuring our arm doesn't get stuck inside someone as we stab them. To return our arm to normal, 'drop' the blade.
Dissonant Shriek 2 20 We release a high-frequency sound that overloads nearby electronics, causing a moderate range EMP effect around us.
Epinephrine Overdose 2 30 Ends all current stuns, and reduces the effect of future stuns, for a short period of time. We will take minor toxin damage as a side effect.
Chitinous Spacearmor 3 20 Converts our skin into a tough, durable, and **very** protective suit of chitinous armor, that will protect us both from the vacuum of space as well as the security team trying to robust us. It lacks the means to protect us from biohazards and radiation, and it also shares the Organic Space Suit's needle vulnerability.


To confuse and misdirect organic and synthetic minds alike.

Ability Name Evolution Point Cost Chemical Cost Description
Transform 0 5 Transforms ourselves to have the identity of someone else. We require someone else's DNA in order to impersonate them. Remember that this doesn't change our clothes, and it will not give us prosthetic limbs, if the person we're pretending to be has them.
Extract DNA String 0 40 Gives us a copy of the target's DNA, without having to absorb them. They will not notice us doing this.
Digital Camouflage 1 1 every 4 seconds (Passive) Distorts our form, defeating various common algorithms used by artificial intelligences to easily locate lifeforms on their camera networks. This distortion may be noticed by other living entities, however.
Mimic Voice 1 1 every 4 seconds (Passive) Changes our voice to sound like anyone we want. To revert this, use the ability again.
Blind Sting 1 20 Blinds our target for about thirty seconds.
Deaf Sting 1 5 Causes our target to go deaf for about thirty seconds.
Resonant Shriek 2 20 Emits a very high pitched noise that will confuse nearby biologicals, and forces a reboot of nearby synthetic entities, as if they were flashed. It will also break lights nearby.
Silence Sting 2 10 Render someone unable to speak for a short period of time. This won't provide a warning to them, unless they try talking and realize they're mute.
Fabricate Clothing 2 20 Morph our skin and bones, and secrete various bio-materials that can impersonate common cloths, leathers, and plastics, to change what we appear to be wearing to almost anything, at any time. Each empty equipment slot we have will be filled with a fabricated item. Fabricated clothing includes jumpsuits, exosuits, helmets, gloves, shoes, belts, backpacks, glasses, masks, and ID cards. The ID card we fabricate can be forged to appear to be anyone's ID, but due to the nature of the materials it is made of, it cannot hold any access codes. All the clothing we create over ourselves cannot be removed by anyone else, and they offer no defensive value.
Electric Lockpick 3 5 + 10 per use Discreetly evolve a finger to be able to send a small electric charge. We can open most electrical locks by touching them with the electric lockpick, but it will be fairly obvious, as the machines tend to break when this is used.
Visible Camouflage 3 10, halts chemical generation Become (almost) invisible, at the cost of no chemical regeneration, and being forced to walk. Be careful, as this is not 'real' invisibility, and we can still be attacked and seen if someone's really looking hard for us.


To support us and supplement our efforts.

Ability Name Evolution Point Cost Chemical Cost Description
Regenerative Stasis 0 20 We fake our death, and regenerate our body slowly, until we are ready to raise once more. When we are finished, we can use the 'Revive' verb to revive ourselves at any time.
Anatomic Panacea 1 20
Endoarmor 1 N/A We grow hard plating underneath our skin, making us more resilient to harm by increasing our maximum health potential by 50 points.
Self Respiration 1 N/A We eliminate the need to breathe oxygen, allowing us to forego internals and not be affected from harmful gases in the atmosphere.
Fleshmend 1 10 We slowly heal ourselves of brute, burn, and oxy damage.
Organic Space Suit 1 20 We inflate our skin to be pressure and temperature resistant, forming a spacesuit out of our flesh. We still require a source of oxygen.
Rapid Regeneration 2 50 This will heal a significant amount of brute, fire, oxy, clone, and brain damage, and heal broken bones, internal bleeding, low blood, and organ damage. The process is fast, but anyone who sees us do this will realize that we are not one of them. It will also come at a very high chemical cost.
Engorged Chemical Glands 2 N/A We enlarge the volume capacity of our glands, and optimize chemical production. We are able to store up to 75 chemicals, and our rate of chemical generation increases to 1 per second.
Bioelectrogenesis 2 20 + 10/shock We reconfigure a large number of cells in our body to generate an electric charge. On demand, we can attempt to recharge anything in our active hand, or we can touch someone with an electrified hand, shocking them. Each shock costs 10 chemicals, and will cause harm to an organic, likely stunning them with repeated use. Synthetic units suffer increased damage but no stun.
Recursive Enhancement 3 10 We enhance our next ability, making it more potent or adding other effects. These effects can be checked in the evolution menu. We can only enhance one ability at a time.