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Planet Binma.jpg
Name Binma
Class Planet
Mass 0.960 Earths
Radius 6'411 km
Rotational Period 1.5 Terran days
Gravity 10.1 m/s2 (1.1 Earths)
Distance from Star 1.6 AU
Orbital Period 406 days
Orbitting Bodies Aria, Gelian
Discovery Date December 19, 2012
Surface Pressure 110.07 kPa
Surface Temperature ~18 C
Atmosphere 27.6% O2 72% N2 2.4% trace
Population 25,000,000
Flag FlagBinma.png

One of the oldest and largest settlements of humanity, Binma serves as a gem only dreamed of by the early colonizers. It's strange forests and sprawling oceans though somewhat alien, Serve as a comforting twin to humanities cradle. Year's of history however have taken this world from simply a jewel in the night sky, To being the core of Tau Ceti as a whole, and one of the biggest hubs of humanity to this day. Home of several Academic institutions and TSC partnerships, The planet exists as one of humanities most Successful worlds.


  • 2180: Binma is officially colonized by the SCG-C Albion colony ship. The colony site is officially referred to as "Albion-1"
  • 2186: First charter established by the initial colonists of Albion create the Governance Council: an initial ruling body that serves as the immediate government during colonization .
  • 2222: Governance council signs a wave of trade agreements. Economic ties blossom along with a new wave of colonists.
  • 2236: Continued insecurity during the Third Cold War prompts the Governance Council to begin the development of a military institution tasked with the defense of the planet. The framework for the Stratum Administration is formed.
  • 2239: The Florence Xenobiological Studies Lab is established and tasked with discovering and researching life on Binma. A wave of Academic Scholars flood to Binma amid the development.
  • 2253: Colonial efforts continue to develop. A large group of Indian colonists from the SCG-C Padara establishes Mandala Sur, the furthest city from the initial colony.
  • 2283: A handful of Golden Hour futurists quietly request citizenship during their economic shortcomings. Many travel to the area surrounding the Florence Laboratory.
  • 2301: The settlement around the Florence Xenobiological Studies Lab becomes incorporated as Binma's second-largest city, New Florence.
  • 2327: Massive protests against the First Contact Protocol erupt on New Florence after first reports of the Skrell enter the system. Governance Council struggles to maintain stability.
  • 2330: The untimely death of two major councilors ushers in the collapse of the Governance Council.
  • 2331: Delegates from Mandala Sur arrive with a large and comprehensive document outlining the proposed United Binmasian Conglomerate. The proposal is accepted, dissolving the Governance Council in favor of the UBC.
  • 2332: The Stratum Administration is formed to unify the command of the Stratum Planetary Defense, the United Binmasian Conglomerate Naval Corp, and The Extra-Planetary Corp, creating the first unified millitary organization in Binmasian history.
  • 2346: Waves of TSC interests swarm to Binma following the return of governmental stability. Grayson, Zeng-Hu, and Xion promptly begin establishing research and manufacturing industries planetside .
  • 2349: Construction of the Kesalon, a space elevator designed for shipping and passenger transit, begins.
  • 2362: Allegations of corruption spark protests against local TSC's.
  • 2368: A massive illicit dumping operations from Grayson prompt enormous civilian rioting. The Binma Preservationist Committee is formed almost overnight and immediately lobbies for strict control and monitoring of TSC habits to protect native flora and fauna.
  • 2369: The U.B.C unanimously passes new legislature in addition to sweeping reform from SolGov in an effort to check TSC's. In response Grayson shuts down three prominent mining facilities that are deemed noncompliant with new regulations, resulting in thousands of layoffs. Anti-TSC sentiments skyrocket.
  • 2388: The U.B.C offers economic support to New Gibson and other in-system bodies in an attempt to bolster mineral income. Trade between New Gibson and Binma increases exponentially.
  • 2427: The U.B.C quietly increases funding to the Stratum Administration in the wake of recent secessions. Binma's military clout slowly begins to increase.
  • 2433: Pirates are caught within Tau Ceti attempting to steal from New Gibsonite mineral freighter. The U.B.C publicly announces the extension of its military protection to New Gibson and other in-system bodies.
  • 2435: Nearly a century after ground first broke, construction on the Kesalon stops. Artificial gravity and engine advances invalidate the need for the multi-billion thaler project. The project is deemed an economic failure and becomes a symbol of national embarrassment.
  • 2478: A new wave of immigrants, including a handful of Positronic and Skrellian migrants starts another economic boon, Work on the Hyperion Orbital Scaffold begins.
  • 2479: Amid new wealth and a wave of self identity. Albion is officially renamed Pelamance after Robert J Pelamance , an original colonial who arrived on the Albion and originally dignitary for the original governance council. Pelamance is officially recognized the capital of the UBC.
  • 2480: The incomplete Kesalon is refurbished and structured into the U.B.C seat of government. The large tower previously seen as an embarrassment is redesigned as an icon of Binma's wealth.
  • 2508: News of Unathi Invasion spurs jingoistic tendencies both government and civilian side. The Stratum Administration is granted an enormous budget to support the war effort.
  • 2510: Portions of the Stratum assets are deployed as part of the SolGov counter offensive. The Stratum Administration begins creating public campaigns to further cement their cause, Including monetary reimbursements for student bodies who join
  • 2513: The U.B.C continues to assert economic, political, and millitary control over New Gibson, cementing them as the de facto ruling body of the planet.
  • 2520: Stratum Administration assets are recalled following the end of the war. Hyperion Orbital Scaffold becomes officially active, though incomplete
  • 2533: Nanotrasen becomes the first TSC to receive popular support in nearly two-hundred years following philanthropic efforts pooled into the planet's academia. Four NT research facilities are established, two within New Florence and two in Mandala Sur.
  • 2535: Lemnos Lagrange One and Two become active around the mineral dense planet Lemnos, sparking a massive competitive market over the planet's resources with the U.B.C serving as a mediator.
  • 2540: Binma enters a massive economic boon. The Hyperion Orbital Scaffold is officially completed, making it the largest Spaceport in Tau Ceti, and one of the largest in SolGov space.
  • 2554: The U.B.C quietly passes legislature granting the Stratum Administration additional monetary support along with a lucrative contract with Hephaestus Industries. Several Shadow Coalition members of the U.B.C's Regional Legislature publicly call the move into question.
  • 2559: In the wee hours of the morning, pseudosapient code is detected in the Binma Stock Exchange. Attempts to remove the pseudosapience cause nearly 7.8 dollars in damages from corrupted financial records, modification of stock prices, and loss of public confidence. The emergence event is traced back to financial drone "ENV-2351". This ends the economic boom overnight and allows the stock exchanges at Heaven and Nisp to dominate. Civilian bluespace communications remain offline for nearly two weeks before being restored. Anti-drone sentiments soar following news of the event, resulting in an another estimated 2.3 million thalers in individual damages from personal attacks.
  • 2562: You are here.

Demographics, Culture, & Economy

A 2560 estimate places Binma's down-well population at 25,000,000.

Human - 78% Tajaran - 1% Skrellian - 13% Unathi - 6% Dionaea - 2% Teshari - 0%

Human racial/ethnic makeup*: 51% White 18% Asian 4% Black 17% Mixed 10% Other

Skrellian racial/ethnic makeup*:

87% Malish-Katish 13% Talum-Katish

The continuing development of Binma culture can be most associated with the City States of New Florence and Mandala Sur. Being in large part the Academic center of the system, New Florence serves as the epicenter of of varying ideals and concepts that stem from the different personalities and cultures that clash. New foods and styles often come into play that directly are influenced by the people who work, human dishes influenced by skrellian eating. Classic dishes reinvented with unique flora and fauna from the planet. The most prevalent theme in Binma is the various mixing of concepts dishes and ideas.

One of Binma's greatest facilities is being a world not bound by dome's. With a large collection of native flora and fauna growing alongside Terran flora grown to accommodate a large effort is taken to ensure that park space is given for the public to appreciate. Plymouth park spanning nearly sixty kilometers is an example of this. Being a large portion of reserved space for use by the academic population of the neighboring universities. In additional, A large agricultural effort is in place to feed the continually growing population of the planet, with a large collection of large scale farms appearing through out the continent of Telarus.

With the presence of Universities and academies alike, along with the heavy cooperation from Nanotrasen on several projects, Binma's economic status lies within a very pleasing zone, with the quality of life being very pleasing for most individuals. Economic ties between Binma, Nanotrasen, And other planets both within Tau Ceti and outside have lead to a massive boon for the UBC. New gibson being especially note worthy in the productivity of Binma due to it's close proximity. Despite this there are still instance of poverty in some locations, This being especially apparent in smaller cities due to the inability to either assist or hide the poverty stricken.

Politics, Law & Defense

Formal name: The United Binmasian Conglomerate

Common name: The UBC

Demonym: Binmasian, Binmite

Capital: Pelamance

National anthem*: Of the Heavens

Official language(s)*: Sol Common, Galactic Common.

Government type: Democracy

System of government: Parliamentary republic

Head of State: Representative Alexander Halston

Head of Government: Darren Macmullen

The Political Structure of the UBC consists of two legislative organizations and an executive branch that serve to keep the daily life of individuals planet side safe and content.

The Regional Legislature: "A direct body of up to a dozen individuals who are elected to serve as the heads and representatives of a region. Directly in charge of approving and maintaining infrastructure and law in there allotted region. Though not a part of the Binma Resolution, Individual Regional heads often specialize in certain aspects of region, leading to Misnomer yet appropriate titles such as "The Regional head of infrastructure." Region heads are expected to serve up to five years per tenor, and can be re-elected up to three times. In emergency situations, A Regional Administrator may be assigned to take the role of a Provincial Administrator.

The Provincial Legislature: "In charge of handling the macro sections of society. The Provincial Administrators are in charge of maintaining and controlling boarder disputes, ensuring regional synergy, and other larger scale projects. The Provincial Administrators tend to be the heavy handed section of political groups.

Representative Officiate (Or simply Representative.) : "An elected individual who serves as a direct diplomat on behalf of the UBC. Act's as the face of the government in both keeping the general public informed, And to government bodies that exist outside of Tau Ceti. Though heavily screened, Can be any Tau Ceti Citizen with sufficient knowledge of law and politics.

Chancellor: "The head of Government for the UBC. An individual who serves as the highest rungs of political discourse, The Chancellor serves to initiate the highest level of treaties, interstellar accords, And very rarely, The declaration of war. All major motions done by the Chancellor require approval from the Concourse. To be Eligible for election as the Chancellor one must already hold a seat in Tau Ceti's Legislative branch.

The Concourse: "The Parliamentary structure of Binma whose seats are filled by the Provincial administrators of Binma. The Concourse serves to address and establish law, Manage and approve motions from the Chancellor, And ensure the continued prosperity of Tau Ceti."

Stratum Administration: An organization developed to handle the joint military operations. Consisting of seven or eight individuals, It's often considered a single entity due to the impressive synchronization and operation almost as a single mind. The use of the Stratum has been very minimal, with the exception of a minor region dispute, where the UBC Naval Corp was called into operation. The Stratum also manages a good portion of space bound travel and Orbital Naval movement, resulting in a large sum of coordination with Solgov and other outside entities.

The Stratum's military assets in themselves foreboding. Public Savvy relations and exceptional wealth has enabled the Stratum to grow into one of Solgov's largest military bodies. It's assistance has been paramount in many conflicts of interest. Despite it's uniformity the stratum is still separated into several bodies, The Three most noteworthy are as follows.

  • Stratum Planetary Defense: The majority ground force and defense structure in charge of ensuring the safety and stability of any and every body that exists within Binma's sphere of influence. Despite it's name the SPD find's it's well situated on many planets not just in Tau Ceti, But in many bordering systems and bodies often serving within Tau Ceti's interests.
  • United Binmasian Conglomerate Naval Corp: Often shortened to Binmasian Navy, The USBCN is arguably the most important asset provided by the Stratum. Hosting an enormous naval capacity thanks to Orbital facilities and local system resources the Binmasian Navy has found itself used in many different situations and conflicts. Spread well and far the Binmasian Navy has been called into many conflicts in times of assistance, While still serving to protect the many bodies in and around Tau Ceti.
  • The Extra-Planetary Corp: A military division designed toward the enforcement and protection of various Stratum assets and goals. Unlike the SPD, The Extra-planetary corp serves as a direct military agency designed at operations well outside of Tau Ceti. From isolation of known hostile elements to outright serving as a assault force during times of War, The EPC is known for it's exceptional training and regiments it's is known as one of Tau Ceti's fiercest assets.


Telarus: Located on the western Hemisphere. The continent consists largely of temperate forests with more tropical settings located on very limited coastal areas. Being the site of the original planet fall, The continent currently holds the largest population on the planet. Pelamance, New Florence. And mandala Sur are all located on this continent.<choppy

Bethamu: The second largest continent next to the ice region located at the South Pole. Bethamu is a very rocky and untamed region consisting of the largest mountainous regions on the planet. Though communities and regions are established on the continent, a very large portion of the continent is still untouched, leaving a large portion of room for in depth exploration.

Dalomee: The smallest of continents. The continent has been searched and explored on many occasions, and many consider it to be an ideal location to begin settlement. Though initial settlements and communities have been established on Dalomee, There has been difficulty continuing development inward due to political meandering on both the sides of the UBC and the original community founders on the continent.


Being a planet the sported it's own atmosphere, Binma is a planet that pays host to hundreds if not thousands of lifeforms indigenous to the planet itself. Though hundreds are already categorized, Here is a small list of some more well known ones.

Flora examples:

Percipe Leaf: A dark green leaf similar to spinach with a rougher texture. A rather abundant leaf that grows in underbrush. Despite it's nutritional value, The leaf is largely considered inedible due to it's starkly bitter taste.

Arlock tress: "A form of tree native to Binma, These tree's can grow up seventeen meters in height, and are abundant with an even amount of branches from the bottom to the top. They are often a prime rousting area for any number of forest native creatures.

Parlout Bush: "A very large bush with a large sum of barbed points on it. Though initially intimidating at first, The Parlout bush actually forms a fruit known as a "Milk fruit". A soft, baseball sized fruit described as tasting like "Creamy peaches." The Parlout bush has been an eager bush to be propagated in farming, despite its naturally pointy defense.

Cindalea plant: "A two meter tall plant with a large orange flower on top with a wide durable stem. The Cindalea is considered one of the most unique plants on Binma. The most unique aspect of the plant is its lack of traditional leaves. Instead the plant bolsters large vines that sport out from the stem of the plant. Each vine grows to an estimated quarter meter in width, And grows outward from the plant in an arch pattern growing in and out of the ground. These vines contain a set of bio-luminescent growths that appear in the out growing vines of the planet. Intensive study on the plant indicated that the luminescence is a result of chlorophyll working in a symbiotic relationship with a bacteria naturally produced in the plant, similar to Vibrio bacteria on earth. As a result the plant is often dangerous to eat for most normal predators. The growths of the planet emit a pleasing Turquoise glow, with smaller exposed growths on the planet emitting up to four lumens of light while some of the larger ones can glow up to seven. Though a difficult plant to propagate artificially, a demand exist's for Cindalea plants due to there exotic looks and glow.

Secub plant: "An olive green vine like plant that can grow up to a meter and a half in length, The Secub plants are most notable for those upside down hook like appearance. Sometimes referred to as "Memory plants," Secub plants are able to match there interior cell wall to outside conditions quickly. As a result, Many hiking trails or frequently traveled gardens will have Secub plants literally growing away from the trodden path.

Fauna Examples:

Tymisian Moth: "A fluffy, Brown-Greyish moth that stands at slightly less then a meter on average. Living on a strictly herbivore diet, The Tymisian moth can live up to Fifteen years, And is native to the Telarus and Dalomee continents. To much of biologists surprise. The Moth is a warm blooded communal animal that can often live in groups or "Spuzzes" with up to thirty other moths at a time. A Tymisian moth on average will breed up to three times in there life cycle, With more then fifteen children per birth. Despite being a seemingly inquisitive and curious animal, The Tymisian moth carries an acute sense of smell, and antennae to quickly alert itself to other creatures. In additional, The moth has "Soft Pockets" Located in it's it's sides. On occasion filling these soft pockets with granulated materials, The moth naturally releases oils that fester with the granulated materials, And can using gusts of wind can propel the festered material forward. Pungent in smell and riddled with bacteria, The bacteria filled material can either be used to disrupt a predators sense of smell, Or directly launched at a predator, which in some cases can cause blindness.

Originally discovered by farmers, The moth regularly consumes native Binma flora as a part of its diet, However has in time learned and enjoyed to eat many native Terran vegetables. This has lead to a large effort by farmers to impede the moths progress. At first using lethal and permanent methods. The moth was later protected under animal rights groups after a public and largely controversial demonstration of "Spätzle" the first domesticated Tymisian Moth. To this day Tymisian moths in some areas are sold as pets, With surgery done to remove there sand pockets. They are relatively intelligent, And can be taught to recognize names or even play fetch. Nicknames: Tyrant Moth, Ty-Moth, Buzzles.

Werwock Eels: A purplish, red eel native to the Telarus region and easily recognizable by there distinct large mangled teeth. These eels are found in a good portion of freshwater rivers and areas, However are distinctly found in swamp's and stagnant water areas. Though intimidating at first, Werwock eels are relatively benign and will actively stay away from water holes or other areas where larger predators or humans may swim. They are only known to be aggressive when caught or when they are breeding. The eels spawn only in swampy stagnant water regions, and can spawn up to two hundreds eggs per spawn cycle. The Eel meat is considered edible though many disregard it due to its pungent odor. However Werwock caviar is considered delicacy and is often expensive to order. As such, Harvesting the caviar has become a lucrative, If not dangerous job. Nicknames: Wockies, Wer Eels, River-Bitches.

Sterr-Lizards: A tan short and stout lizard in a smaller similar shape to a crocodile. Sterr-Lizards are native to Bethamu, Though are known to live in any warm climate. Relatively calm and benign. Sterr-Lizards will exhibit a relaxed posture even when approached by humans, Only moving when needed. The with an acute sense of smell however, A sterr can quickly hide itself in a number of fashions. If on a beach they will cover them self, If on a rock then they will quickly either burrow in nearby dirt or sand, Or will hide within the crevices of the rock. Sterr's are an omnivorous animal, Whose diet varies in region and location. Many biologists continue to study the Sterr-Lizard, Thanks to it's Dynamic eating habits. At this time Sterr-Lizards can be domesticated if given a warm environment to stay in, And if domesticated, It is known that Sterr's will give off low tone grunts followed by tail thumps if they require something. Nicknames: Sterr's, Stairs, Mini-Croc's.

Balot fish: "A salt water fish that often swims in schools, Notable for silver streaks on there fins and body. A single Balot fish can measure up to a length of 17 centimeter's. Though similar in shape to that of a bass, The fish itself holds an additional set of fins for increased control. The Balot fish also bolsters an elongated mouth that is used catch smaller prey fish. Holding a similar flavor to salmon, The Balot fish caught both as a commercial product, and under sport venues as well.

The Agres Fish: An estimated Twenty-three meter long fish with a twelve meter height. The Agres fish supposedly lives just above the Abyssal zone, and has been subject to many rumors and fisherman tails. The fish is most notable for it's massive size, Additional features include it's white shiny eyes, whisker-like appendages that grow to the tails length of the fish, and slight grey-sh black color. One of the most recent and well sought into discoveries, The Agres fish was only heard of from fisherman tales and unsupported reports from boats. Considered hearsay for most of it's existence until the first ever was caught in 2551 by a fisherman William "White Willie" Targen. The Fish was caught using a leased commercial cargo freighter with several forms of bait hooked onto the cargo crane. The exact eating habits of the Agres fish is still relatively unknown, but is theorized to consume both rotting fish from above and live fish in large quantities. Studies of the caught fish have interesting facets. The Arges fish holds a complex muscular structure, Indicating the fish may be suited for aggressive movement. In addition the fish's muscular structure has been discovered to hold a compressed "Fish oil." Research into this oil is still ongoing.

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