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Generic bartender.png
Access: Bar, Weapon Permit
Additional Access: Hydroponics, Kitchen, Morgue
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Serve booze to everyone! Mix drinks
Guides: Guide to Drinks
Quote: Put. The monkey. Down.

As a Bartender, it's your job to keep any alcohol inclined crew happy. That means serving drinks to anyone who comes by the bar.

Preparing the Bar

The Bar is your palace.

A good bartender should prepare it for his regular patrons, so that they feel at home! Remember, the more comfortable they are, the more booze they drink!

It might be a good idea to set up the EFTPOS Scanner, and charge people for their drinks. After all, if they want to drown their sorrows in alcohol, losing a couple extra thalers won't hurt!

It would also be wise to set your bar sign to whatever you feel more comfortable with. Just swipe your ID and pick the neon sign you want to display!

Also, why not display a menu of all the possible drinks to make sure your patrons always have something to drink!

Tools of the Trade

  • Shaker: A useful mixing container that can hold a little over three drinking glasses of liquid. Good for making larger batches of cocktails.
  • Booze-O-Mat, Drinks Dispensers: Dispenses alcoholic drinks in bottles and liquid form. The dispensers refill themselves over time, so save your bottles for special occasions.
  • Beer locker, Beer Keg, Bar Shotgun: All inside the back room, next to a locker of formal locker. Your shotgun is strictly for use behind the bar, and taking it elsewhere will most certainly get you in trouble with Security
  • Pun Pun: The beloved decorative bar monkey. Killing or maiming it isn't okay, but feel free to let it wander.

Serving Drinks

You have a whole bunch of spirits in your handy Booze-o-mat vending machine and drinks dispensers, with which to mix all manner of fancy cocktails. Serve up what the crew wants, or just what you feel like mixing. See: The Drinks Guide


The Bartender is an extremely RP-heavy position!

The bar can often be a social hub for the crew, and as bartender it may be your job to make it an appealing place for all. Don't tell the Station Director, but the bartender is the true lynchpin of any station. It may fall on you to keep RP going, or at the very least get to know every character who walks through those doors.

Syndicate Bombs


  • Potent alcohol is basically just poison, and you can usually get away with serving it openly!
  • Experiment with dosing drinks with various chems-- if the concentration is low enough, your victim won't be able to taste it.
  • Your shotgun can be sawed down with a circular saw, which you can get for cheap in the Uplink's surgical kit.
  • You're one of the most important people on station; if you're away from the bar for too long, someone is going to notice. Getting people shitfaced can help with that.

Gimmick: The Bartender is a well-rounded role capable of pulling off most gimmicks pretty well, with a decent supply of toxins, some useful access, a shotgun, and a really cool vest. In many rounds, the Bartender comes into conflict with the Heads of Staff because crew who are drinking aren't crew who are working; if the conditions are right, try making the tensions bad enough to cause outright revolution! You can use the EFTPOS scanner in your back room to rob everyone blind just by grabbing their IDs, which is easy if they're blitzed on Gargle-Blasters, but make sure the Captain and HoP are taken care of so they can't just freeze your account.

Jobs on Polaris

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Command Station Director, Head of Personnel, Command Secretary
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