Almach War

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The Almach War, sometimes known as the Almach Crisis was a conflict between the Solar Confederate Government and the secessionist Almach Association.


Main Article: Almach Association

The Almach Crisis began in February 2562 with the seccession of several Mercurial-leaning systems in the Almach Rim known as the "Gray Hour".

The primary unifying policy of these systems was a rejection of the Five Points of Human Sanctity, with certain member states engaging in serious violations in secret even before their seccession. Other member states are less extreme in their views, but remained a part of the alliance for security against the SCG.

The crisis was marked by a long period of blockade and uncertain ceasefire, during which Almach Militia forces aided the SCG Fleet in destroying the extremist Boiling Point group.

Following Boiling Point's defeat in November 2562, the Colonial Assembly issued an ultimatum, the "Valentine's Ultimatum" demanding that the Association comply with the Five Points in their entirety by the 14th of February the following year. Association members were unable or unwilling to comply, and open hostilities began at the ultimatum's end, marking the transition from a crisis to all-out war.

The Treaty of Whythe

Following the detonation of the Phorcys star in November 2563, in April 2564, the Skrellian Far Kingdoms intervened in the war, forcing peace between the two parties under the Treaty of Whythe.

The treaty annexed the territories of the Assocation under the new Skrellian Almach Protectorate, under the condition that the region's illegal research would be curtailed. As a separate entity from SolGov, the Almach Protectorate Government (APG) is not required to comply with the Five Points of Human Sanctity, but close oversight by Skrell researchers and military, and regular Solar inspections mean that the extent of local research is severely curtailed - along with the state and individual freedoms of its inhabitants. Relan were able to establish themselves as a semi-independent neutral state apart from the treaty.



4th February: A violent coup occurs on the NanoTrasen research station, the NRS Prometheus orbitting Aetolus in Vounna. The coup is led by head of operations Naomi Harper, using early genetically-enhanced "Aetothean" Prometheans as footsoldiers.

12th February: Naomi Harper announces the formation of the "Aetolian Council" in Vounna, and declares the system's independence from SolGov. Promethean and positronic rights are cited as the reason for her actions.

15th February: The Solar Confederate Government denounces the Aetolian Council and deploys the SCG-R Song Shi to the system with the backing of the Colonial Assembly

23rd February: In an event known as the "Gray Hour", the Aetolian Council allies itself with several systems in the Almach Rim, forming the Almach Association. The Association decries the Five Points and demands total independence from SolGov's laws. Founding members include Angessa's Pearl, Vounna, Wythe, Whitney and the Neon Light. Contact is lost with the SCG-R Song Shi in the Pearl system.

24th February: Shelf, The Free Relan Federation, Eutopia are declared "observers" of the Association, and expected to act if the SCG acts unjustly. The EIO, Trade and Customs Bureau, and SCG Fleet Intelligence each declare a "state of emergency". The border is closed to all traffic by military forces in systems on each side.

21st March: Relan and Shelf officially join the Association, providing significantly more resources to the Almach side.

3rd April: Boiling Point breach the Almach cordon, though their purpose is not known at this time. The SCG increases its military presence on the border.

8th April: Boiling Point attack the NLS Aquarius in Gavel, killing seven.

14th April: The Almach Association propose a joint operation against Boiling Point as a show of goodwill. SolGov initially rejects the proposal, but later agree.

7th May: A bloodless coup on the Neon Light ousts the ruling Allen family, and the habitat withdraws from the Association.

15th May: Anti-military riots begin in Saint Columbia, home of a major SCG Fleet base, and will continue for five months.

26th May: Existence of Aetothean Prometheans is confirmed by Almach.

5th July: Two life pods from the missing SCG-R Song Shi are recovered and mutiny is confirmed. Survivor accounts conflict as to the motivation, with some suspecting Association involvement.

12th July: Angessa's Pearl confirm that they have performed Five Point violating mental enhancement surgery on their founder, Angessa Martei.

9th August: A Boiling Point stronghold in Gavel is raided by Association militia forces, leading to 80 arrests who are to be tried in Sol space.

18th November: The association begins major industrial construction in Whythe.

19th November: Oasis Colonial Assembly representative Fumiko Hernandez proposes review of the Five Points as a "tool of foreign policy", sparking long-lasting debate.

20th November: Saint Columbia declares a special election following the declaration of the Saint Columbia Democratic Union, led by Lusia Tassis.

21st November: Natuna is declared an observer of the Association.

22nd November: Admiral McMullen announces major offensive against Boiling Point.

23rd November: SolGov's MJOLNIR weapons platform is revealed in Saint Columbia.

24th November: Boiling Point are foiled in an attack on the Radiance Energy Chain in the Vir system and their regional stronghold identified.

25th November: Boiling Point's last major stronghold, located in the Ullran Expanse on Sif, is captured in a joint operation between the SCG Fleet and Association Militia.

27th November: Boiling Point are considered "defeated" after intelligence covered on Sif leads to widespread arrests. Secretary-General Mackenzie West immediately issues the Valentine's Ultimatum; Five Points compliance or war.

28th November: Saint Columbia elects the Saint Columbia Democratic Union and secedes from SolGov. The fleet base remains in SolGov hands.

30th November: Admiral McMullen declares the Fleet base in Saint Columbia the Iserlohn Republic, a protectorate of the SCG.


13th January: Vir Governor Bjorn Arielsson decries the Association in his retirement speech.

5th February: Angessa Martei reassumes leadership of Angessa's Pearl.

14th February: The deadline of the Valentine's Ultimatum is reached, its conditions unmet, and the SCG declares war on the Almach Association.

22nd February: The Association withdraws partially from Saint Columbia following the devastating long-range deployment of the MJOLNIR system against the major Militia warship, the MTV Savings and Values.

6th March: Contact is lost with the entire Dark Triangle independent region, on the Sol-Skrell-Unathi border.

8th March: The Hegemony seizes control of the Dark Triangle. Sol diplomatically agrees that the move brings law and order to the region. Natuna is no longer able to involve itself with the Association.

12th March: The Ue-Orsi escape the Dark Triangle. SolGov concerns that the Unathi intend to launch a second invasion of Sol increase.

26th March: Almach retreats entirely from Saint Columbia following a renewed SolGov offensive.

15th May: The Solar Fleet launch the first major offensive into Almach Association territory, laying siege to the Carter Interstellar Spaceport, capital of Relan.

19th May: A Shelf Tel-ops fleet attacks sieging forces in Relan, disabling three Sol vessels and inflicting many casualties.

20th May: SolGov withdraws from Relan due to damage sustained. Morpheus Cyberkinetics officially apologises for the attack, insisting it was done in error.

29th June: Morpheus Cyberkinetics splits into two entities - Morpheus Shelf and Morpheus Sol - following allegations that the company was wholly sided with the Association, but citing "Difficulty doing business".

30th June: A Solar intelligence leak reveals the existence of a bluespace-based "super-weapon" in Whythe.

30th July: Sol Fleet cargo vessel, the SCG-TV Mariner's Cage is attacked by Aetothean commandos in Gavel and destroyed, sparking fear of further attacks.

7th August: Skrellian Xe'qua pirates operating in the space between Almach and Far Kingdoms vanish almost entirely. Unexpected Far Kingdoms anti-piracy action is suspected.

2nd September: With their fleet freed up, Almach launch a renewed offensive against Sol forces under the command of Admiral Ripon Latt near the Relan system. Sol withdraws to Saint Columbia, suffering heavy losses.

23rd September: The Sol Fleet refuses to comment on high losses in the Relan attack. Forces are withdrawn from the Hegemony border to assist.

27th September: A large Almachi fleet bypasses the Saint Columbia system and its MJOLNIR weapons system, instead invading Gavel.

1st October: Gavel surrenders. Association forces engage in widespread destruction of system infrastructure with little regard for life.

10th October: A Solar relief force surrounds the Almachi fleet in Gavel. Admiral Silvain Barka replaces Ripon Latt as commander of the Sol Fleet. Admiral Latt is discharged from active service.

26th October: Gavel is liberated. Largest engagement of the war, and largest ship-to-ship battle since the Hegemony War. Sol casualties placed at around 11,500.

11th November: Use of "kill-switch" clone soldiers is confirmed from the Gavel attack. Troops with built-in suicide implants intended to carry out specific tasks and avoid capture. At least one is captured.

21st November: The Pearlshield Coalition assumes control of the Silk system on the Tajaran border to ease pressure on Sol forces.

23rd November: A captured "kill-switch" clone is detonated by a Almachi agent while being interviewed live on Vir television. A cryptic message regarding "Phorcys" are her last words.

25th November: The remote, uninhabited Phorcys system is "ignited" by the Whythe Superweapon using ultra-long range bluespace portal technology, causing it to rapidly go supernova.

27th November: Sol intensifies its offensive towards Whythe, fearing rapid redeployment of the weapon system.

1st December: The Skrell decline to grant military aid to the SCG, citing "Internal Deliberations".


10th February: Shelf departs Association territory by means of previously unknown bluespace technology. They are missing for 4 days before reappearing far from the Rarkajar Rift. Ties to the Superweapon technology are suspected.

11th April: Sol vessels enter the Whythe system and begin suppression of the superweapon system, preventing its usage.

13th April: The Skrellian Far Kingdoms declare an ultimatum to the Solar Confederate Government, requiring that a ceasefire be made with the Almach Association, and that Association territory be ceded to them instead, under threat of intervention.

20th April: The SCG agree to the Skrell demands, and the Treaty of Whythe is signed. Establishment of the Almach Protectorate. Most key Almachi leaders are not involved in negotiations.


27th April: Relan revolts against Skrellian rule, with widespread rioting and armed retaliation.

30th April: The Pearlshield Coalition ship PCMV Raniira's Grace returns to home territory.

13th May: In order to avoid further unrest, the Skrell agree to grant Relan a more lenient status. Skrellian military presence will remain, but Relan will be allowed its own government and will act as 'neutral ground' in international relations.

15th August: Solar inspections under the Treaty of Whythe begin.

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