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The 2563 Vir Colonial Assembly Election was the regularly scheduled election of a new Vir Governor and two Colonial Assembly representatives, notably following the retirement of long-time incumbent Bjorn Arielsson.

The top-voted candidate became Vir Governor, with the two next highest earning the role of representatives to the Colonial Assembly.

In addition to the usual colonial hot talking points of system self-determination, corporate influence, non-human influence, key issues unique to this election include the recent Boiling Point attacks in Vir, Mercurialism and the ongoing Almach War.

The cycle began in January 2563 and voting was held in June 2563.


The election resulted in the election of Lusia Hainirsdottir (Shadow Coalition) as Governor of Vir, as well as Vani Jee (Icarus Front) and Selma Jorg (Shadow Coalition) as Colonial Representatives. Sao (4), Zarshir (5), Keldow (6), Singh (7), Moravec (8), Phaedrus (9), Lye (10), Savik (11), Square (12), Wekstrom (13). Mehmet Sao (Icarus Front) was also assigned Internal Security Advisor for the Vir Icarus Front, and Kurah Zarshir promoted to Culture Secretary.

Voter turnout was 30,928,287 (63%)


14 candidates were announced at the beginning of the election cycle, representing each of the major SCG political parties as well as several minor local parties.

Shadow Coalition

Lusia Hainirsdottir

Incumbent representative running for reelection on a platform of furthering medical research.

Selma Jorg

Environmentalist candidate with extensive previous experience as a Sol ambassador to the Skrell.


Inflammatory Positronic candidate with a long history in a local Mercurial party.

Kurah Zarshir

Rarkajari immigrant who wishes to bring Tajaran issues to the forefront.

Icarus Front

Vani Jee

Anti-corporate and isolationist, running on a platform of increased public funding for education and welfare.

Mehmet Sao

Former journalist running on a platform of increased national security, particularly cybersecurity following the Boiling Point attacks in Vir and a recent emergent drone network hijacking incident in the system.

Sol Economic Organization

Mason Keldow

An aging SolGov-Hegemony war veteran with plans to greatly improve the Vir economy by allowing greater land access on Sif to Trans-Stellar Corporations for resource extraction.

Calvert Moravec

Nephew of Albary Moravec and heavily funded by NanoTrasen. Campaigning for increased incentives for corporate business in Vir.

Freya Singh

An investment banker opposed to the implementation of the Five Points as a tool of foreign policy, specifically in its use as justification for war against the Almach Association.

Hal Wekstrom

Experienced New Reykjavik city council member and major local mining magnate, campaigning for increased local autonomy from SolGov for colonial systems including Vir.

Other Parties

Apogee Lye

An eccentric mercurial public figure running on behalf of the Vir Mercurial Progress Party. Strongly opposed to the Five Points, though has not violated them.

Yole Savik

A rural Sivian candidate running on a platform purely for Vir independence. Represents the Sif Independence Front (SIF).

Isak Spar

A local rock star who by all accounts announced his candidacy to promote his post-psuedo electro-death album. Withdrew from running in early May following minor scandal.

Zone Square

Representing the Free Trade Union, promotes decentrilization from Sif in Vir and the expansion of habitats around Kara, including the Northern Star.


Voting in the 2563 requires Vir Residency status and SolGov Citizenship. More details can be found here.


For more detailed information, a website was set up for the election at your-choice-vir.xo.vr

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