The perils of Lore and Gameplay Guides

So hi there! I think I posted around four weeks ago that the lorestaff put the throttle on lorewriting in favour of writing out gameplay guides. Right? Well, this didn't really happen.

To explain.

Instead of focussing on the guidelines as said in my earlier blog post, we didn't do anything much, no lore and no writeup for gameplay guidelines. Which is obviously a bad thing.

Since both projects are stagnating right now, some of us are working on lore again! Straining our little minds on silly things like "Does a positronic pay taxes?", "Is Earth a decent place to live in?" "Do actual grapevines still exist?" and "Is Dragor the most handsome person of the staff team?". (All questions are answered with "yes, of course.", by the way.)

So long story short, Jon and me are already beginning to write lore again. This time we approach a slighty finnicky, esoteric, but actually very fundamental part of lore. Faster than light travel, with fun things like "The difference between intrastellar and interstellar craft", "The merits of building a station in the middle of nowhere" and "Starlanes : What the hell are they?"

Stay tuned!