Tajaran Rewrite Live!

Well, that took a little bit longer than I expected, but the rewrite is now live, if missing some unimportant fluff about the plant and animal life of Meralar, as this is still unfinished.

However, the /meat/ of the rewrite itself now supplants the old lore on the wiki!
Here it is!

As of today, Tajaran players have a two week grace period to reapply here. Everyone who does not do so is sadly removed from the whitelist, but is free to reapply at any time. The lore is live to read and make new applications against.

Some information on other wiki pages might be still outdated. Please bring this to the attention of either EmperorJon, Spookerton or me. Or any who has wiki access, really. We will change it accordingly.

It's quite a lot of new information and I expect people to goof up for a while ( a long one, actually ), but do not worry! All is well. It's a very exciting thing we have done here and I want to thank a bunch of people, especially Spookerton, who helped me a ton and AlabasterTempest for proofreading with me! Then there is Xeno, Duskwatch, Serena, Ice_Princess, Anewbe, Atermonera, Sledge and Redstryker for their wonderful input and contributions.

Overall this was an amazing thing to happen and I hope you enjoy the new lore as much as I do!

[insert cat pun here]