Staff Applications Re-Open

Alright! It's that time again for you to contemplate offering your soul to the administration team! All jokes aside the Admin team is re-opening moderator applications, »

Tajaran Rewrite Live!

Well, that took a little bit longer than I expected, but the rewrite is now live, if missing some unimportant fluff about the plant and animal »

Technomancer Tests on Wednesday

Technomancer, a gamemode I am building to replace Wizard, is currently what I'd like to call 'playable, but not pretty or polished'. I want to do »

A change of hands.

Recently due to the increased Nuclear proliferation off the coast of Seychelles Datraen has stepped down from his Dev position for the foreseeable future. At the »

[Fixed] Unexpected Forums Outage

At the time of writing this our forums has apparently decided to flop for an unknown reason. All other sites and the game server are live »

Senpai notice us!

Following some talks between the staff there is a new plan in place to have the server now listed on the BYOND hub during weekends! That's »

New Wizard 3: This Still Exists

There hasn't been a lot (or any) discussion on this blog about the upcoming Technomancer gamemode. I am very sorry for this, and it's completely my »

Xenobio 2.0

Xenobio 2.0 was recently added, Changing some of the dynamics of Xenobio's functionality and some new toys for usage! Check out the thread at http: »