Inventory System Update

Just a general notice for those that will have missed it and since it's a pretty good sized change.

Quote from Neerti

New inventory system is now in, which is very similiar to Bay's current implementation.

Previously, you could fit any seven items that were normal sized, or lower, in your bag. This can still be done, however smaller items take less relative 'space' in your bag, as the system is now volume-based instead of slot-based.

Belt storage is except from the volume-based inventory.

The empty background when you open your backpack shows how much 'space' is left in the bag.

Space taken up by items is determined by weight class (tiny, small, normal, bulky, etc). The space needed is exponential (tiny = 1, small = 2, normal = 4, bulky = 8, etc).

Bulky items can be put in backpacks, but take up a lot of room.

Spacesuits, RIGs, PTR-7s, and LWAPs are now weight class 5 (huge), and cannot fit in a backpack, ever.

Dufflebag capacity reduced to +28% capacity of normal bags, vs previous ~58% capacity increase, to prevent this:


Otherwise have a good rest of the weekend.