Another Horse In The Stable

So we've got another shiny addition to our available communication tools, alongside the forums, IRC, and teamspeak; a Discord channel group.

Before I get to rambling, here's an invitation link [RIGHT HERE] that'll dump you right in, and works fine for the browser and native clients.

As ever, keep it friendly and avoid chatter about current round events. As pretty much the driving force in convincing me to do this, Wer6 is also honorarily joining the staff team as a discord-specific moderator. All hail.

For anyone who's been hiding under a rock in the gaming VOIP world for the last two years, Discord is a flexible, simple little text, voice, and media platform that makes use of a modern codec - Opus - by default, and has a whole bunch of service integration and platform targets that make it really hard not to love for its simplicity and growing ubiquity.

It's basic functionality (which is currently everything it has) is also completely free; which makes me kind of suspicious since it's all running and hosted on the parent company's expensive server farms -- but it hasn't collapsed yet so points for persistence!

Discord is something of a competitor with both IRC and teamspeak, and does shiny things like persist messages on the server to catch you up whenever you log back in. We'll be maintaining our use of the other two to accommodate for preference, but new VOIP and IRC users will probably find discord a lot friendlier at first glance.

Also Lifeweb use it, so there's that. Those guys are neato.