Following some heavy debilitation and discussion with the Black Warlocks of Helderiem a staff meeting has been announced for Tuesday, September 20th at 1:00 PM »

Unathi Lore Rewrite

For those of you who are not aware, a rewrite of the Unathi Lore is currently underway. Nothing has been finalized yet, and everyone will be »

A change in hubstuff!

Following some debilitation on the forum's it has been decided that hub weekends will now be moved to operate to every other week. On said weeks »

Some lorestaff things!

Following an unfortunate crocodile attack resulting in unfortunate loss of reproductive organs, SledgeLP has stepped down from the Unathi Lore maintainer at this time. The Lore »

Unathi Head of Security! (HoS)

Following a tremulous period of heated debate between United Allied Earth Associated and Floridian Alligator Senators, It has finally been passed that Unathi are now allowed »